2 teenagers charged with murder in connection with the fatal shooting of 15-year-old Sean Toomey in Philadelphia


PHILADELPHIA (TUSEN) — Three months after 15-year-old Sean Toomey was shot and killed while running an errand in northeast Philadelphia, two suspects are now in custody. The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office announced murder charges Thursday afternoon against 17-year-old Daniel Gardee and Saahir Teagle.

Sean was carrying a case of water from his father’s car to his home when he was shot and killed. Police, three months after Sean’s murder, arrested two teenage suspects in connection with the fatal shooting.

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For John Toomey, the pain of losing his son Sean remains fresh.

“I don’t know how to describe my feelings about this,” John Toomey said. “I wouldn’t want a parent to go through this.”

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Philadelphia police announced on Wednesday that two suspects, Daniel Gardee and Saahir Teagle, both 17, are now in custody for Sean’s murder.

“I was happy with it,” said John Toomey. “You know, that closes a chapter on it.”

It is unclear whether the suspects are the same as those captured in surveillance video detectives released in April.

Officers say one of the suspects, Gardee, surrendered to police on Wednesday. The other, Teagle, was taken into custody in New Jersey and will be extradited to Philadelphia to face charges. They will be charged with murder, conspiracy and related charges.

“I know they’re young, and that’s…but my kid was young too,” John Toomey said.

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The motive for the murder is unclear, but police say Sean’s killers tried to hijack a woman across the street before opening fire on Sean.

“The individuals who did this, I want them to go away and rot in hell,” John Toomey said.

Sean would have turned 16 this week.

Instead, he sits in an urn in his father’s living room.

If he could have one last chat with his son, here’s what he would say.

“I would say I’m really sorry that I let this happen,” John Toomey said. “And I miss him forever and will see him again one day after I pass.”

Toomey says some days are better than others, he tries to stay strong for his 17-year-old daughter.

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The district attorney called Sean’s murder a “gross injustice” when the charges were announced on Thursday.

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“Sean Toomey was a child full of promise and hope, like all children,” District Attorney Larry Krasner said. “The great potential he held was wiped out in the blink of an eye by armed strangers. Sean Toomey should be alive today and looking forward to the rest of his life. To those who knew and loved him: The loss of Sean’s life is a grave injustice, and we are heartbroken and outraged by his death.



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