5 Pre-Monsoon Checklist for Your Car


The monsoon equals havoc for cars and their owners. In this monsoon season, prepare your car in advance so you are ready for those long road adventures!

The rainy season can be the most devastating few months of the year. Driving through this season requires caution and having your vehicle in top condition. Imagine the vipers not working while it’s raining cats and dogs? If you don’t want you and your vehicle in trouble this monsoon, it’s time to start with a pre-monsoon car preparation checklist. You do not know where to start ? This article covers everything you need to know about preparing your vehicle for this season!

Patch the headlights

Over time, you will notice that your vehicle’s headlights develop small gaps and holes due to wear. These tiny holes can become the pathway through which rainwater enters the headlights and damages them. So before the monsoon approaches, inspect the car’s headlights. If there are gaps, replace the headlights or fix them with adhesive.

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Repair any holes in the exhaust

One of the disadvantages of car exhaust systems is that they are very prone to rust. This rust can eat away at the structure and leave the exhaust with several holes. The rust situation may worsen during the monsoon season. In addition, the corroded exhaust system is easily exposed to rainwater. If rainwater enters the exhaust system, it can further erode interior surfaces.

Check the doors

Over time, rubber on car doors can loosen and cause you problems when closing the door. If the door does not close properly, it leaves room for rainwater to enter the cabin. Rainwater can spoil and damage sensitive parts inside the car. Before the arrival of the rainy season, inspect the doors and make sure that the rubbers are intact.


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Water in the brakes?

One of the worst problems drivers face during the monsoon is water getting into the brakes when driving in the rain. In such cases, a small amount of water may get trapped in the brake pads. Over time, this deposited water can deteriorate braking performance. During the monsoon, dirt and water can easily accumulate around the brake pads. We strongly recommend that you clean and service the brake pads once every two to three weeks.

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Finally, Wiper Check!

Windshield wipers are essential to ensure a safe driving experience during the monsoon season. Without windscreen wipers, it is not safe to take the road when it rains. Due to heavy use, windshield wipers can wear out over time. In addition, the wiper water nozzles can also become clogged. One of the essential pre-monsoon checklist tasks for your car should include inspecting and replacing worn windshield wipers.


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With this monsoon checklist, every car owner can finally take a breath of relief. The monsoon can sometimes wreak havoc on cars, but if you’re prepared, you have nothing to worry about!

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