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The value of Asia miles with Cathay Pacific usually depends on your particular needs as a traveler, but there are options for better trade-in value if you know where to look.

But not all award tickets are created equal, and there are some great ways to redeem Cathay Pacific Asia miles for maximum value. Here are five great value buyouts.

1. Extended seats in business class to Europe

2. Luxury first class flights from the United States to Hong Kong

For one-way flights less than 7,500 miles away, such as flights from the west coast to Hong Kong, you can book a ticket on Cathay’s own fleet in its luxurious first class cabins for 100,000 Asia Miles.

Flying premium class to Asia is easily one of the best uses for miles, as such a long trip can be quite a pain for those stuck in regular economy seats.

You’ll also get to visit the amazing Cathay Pacific Lounges at Hong Kong International Airport – consider booking a massage and enjoying a champagne tasting while you’re there. If you enjoy candle lounges, be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to explore Cathay’s two first-class options.

3. Upgrades

While this is not always the maximum value, it often makes sense to upgrade an existing flight reservation with miles rather than paying the cash price for an upgrade. Keep an eye out for upgrade options, as there are times when the prices and / or number of points needed for specific classes of airline tickets to certain destinations are a bargain.

This is also useful when you do not have the required number of miles to pay for the higher class cabin. Instead, redeem miles for an upgrade and get the best of both worlds. First calculate the points against the spot price.

4. Qantas flights to Australia for 75 to 90 km

One of the most coveted long-haul experiences is flying to Australia on Qantas Airlines. Unfortunately, using Qantas miles can be quite difficult as they are not widely available. But with your Asia Miles, you can fly in a reclining seat for as little as 75,000 one-way miles from the West Coast and up to 90,000 from the East Coast.

Keep in mind that this is a one way ticket, but with cash prices in the thousands, this is still one of the best places for Cathay Pacific Points.

5. Improved reward space means better availability of family travel

Booking a family trip with rewards can be especially difficult as you try to find multiple seats on the same flight. However, Asia Miles adds significant value for anyone looking to book family travel in premium cabin classes: award availability opens up ahead of other Oneworld partner airlines, giving you a head start on booking. . You can see the rewards of other Oneworld airlines before anyone else wishes to book with that airline’s miles.

Since finding award ticket availability can seem like half the battle, it puts you in a good position to redeem Asia Miles.

The bottom line

Asia Miles are relatively easy to find since Cathay Pacific has multiple transfer partners, and you can earn them by flying partner airlines and crediting those flights to your Cathay Pacific account. Tickets can be more expensive at times, but the increased availability of rewards and the ability to upgrade fares for cash using miles make this an attractive option for destinations around the world.

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