A devastated bride-to-be rummaged through the trash after the wedding dress was posted to the wrong house


A distraught bride-to-be says she’s been rummaging through wheelie bins since her dream wedding dress went missing after being delivered to the wrong address.

Sheep farmer Katie Sugg said her vintage 1940s dress was delivered and signed for to an address two miles from her home in Brownsfield, Lichfield yesterday morning.

She said an online tracking system showed it had been signed for and delivered to her home, but the 27-year-old said Royal Mail officials told her the actual location was around three kilometers.

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Katie says she’s knocked on all her neighbors’ doors and even rummaged through wheelie bins, but so far hasn’t been able to find the dress, BirminghamLive reports.

Sheep farmers Andrew Healey, 30, and Katie Sugg, 27, are due to wed early next year

After nearly nine years together, Katie is set to marry fellow sheep farmer Andrew Healey, 30, early next year.

She said the dress was vintage and from eBay, so she didn’t think she could find another one the same way.

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“It was delivered yesterday and signed in my name, but it was not delivered to my house,” she said.

Royal Mail told Katie it could take up to 10 days to track her parcel
Royal Mail told Katie it could take up to 10 days to track her parcel

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She added: “I spoke to Royal Mail and they said it could take up to ten days to find him.

“They think it’s two miles from the tracker.

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“I knocked on all my neighbors’ doors, I went through the trash cans, I really want this dress.

“This dress is the one.

“It was signed by someone ‘KX’ and my name was written in the box by the postman.

“I have no idea where it could be.”

Brownsfield Road, Lichfield where Katie's dress should have been delivered but ended up two miles away
Brownsfield Road, Lichfield where Katie’s dress should have been delivered but ended up two miles away

She added that she hopes someone will bring him back and that he is not stuck somewhere in a hedge.

“I don’t think I’ll ever find one like it,” she said

“It’s a size too small and I’ve already contacted a seamstress.

“I know I won’t have another like it, I’ve looked everywhere and they don’t make them like that anymore.

“That’s all for me.

“I even looked on Facebook Marketplace to see if it had gone on sale.”

Royal Mail was asked to comment.




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