AG Nessel is publishing a list of toy recalls ahead of the 2022 holiday season


LANSING, MI (TUSEN DETROIT) – It’s heralded as the happiest time of the year, but that comes with some caution as there are toys you don’t want to put under the tree this year.

The Michigan Attorney General’s Office is reminding consumers of the toys that were recalled this year.

Whether it’s toys, clothes, baby bottles or snowmobiles; the list is extensive.

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This toy guide is a great resource to review as the holiday season approaches, as it allows consumers to determine what has been recalled and also shares the steps they should take to ensure the product is repaired, replaced or refunded.

As part of the holiday consumer campaign to ensure all Michiganders protect their wallets and children this season, the Michigan Attorney General’s Consumer Protection team has put together this Recall Roundup.

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