Alex Jones decides not to be on the second day of Sandy Hook grilling


“Infowars” host Alex Jones decided Friday on the second day of the testimony in Waterbury, Connecticut, not to take the stand, where a six-member jury will decide the punitive and compensatory damages it will pay the families of the Sandy massacre. Hook Elementary School is due in 2012.

The family members have said their lives were further turned upside down by his false claims that the mass shooting was a hoax designed to influence public awareness regarding gun control measures.

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Jones’ first day in the stands Thursday spiraled out of control when the bombastic right-wing pundit told a lawyer representing eight families who had been harassed by Jones’ fans in the wake of his dubious reporting: “I’m not sorry anymore.”

The prosecutor’s attorney told the court shortly after 11:30 a.m. Friday that they had been notified that the defendant was returning to his Texas home. Jones’ lawyer told the court that his client wants to speak to the media on Friday.

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Judge Barbara Bellis said Friday that the defense had decided not to question Jones at this time, which is its right. Bellas asked attorneys if it was true that Jones said outside the courthouse that jurors should “do their own investigation.” That would violate the court’s instructions to jurors to avoid reporting the trial. There was uncertainty in the courtroom about what Jones was up to.

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