Almost 80% of Indian colleges are privately run, government says


NEW DELHI: About 79% of the country’s colleges are managed by the private sector, 13% of which receive government assistance, the Pan-Indian Higher Education Survey (AISHE) conducted by the Ministry of Education revealed on Thursday. ‘Education.

“The majority of colleges (78.6%) in the country are privately run – (while) 65.2% are private without support and 13.4% are private with support. The remaining 21.4% are government colleges. There are great variations between states in the number of private colleges, ”the annual education survey showed.

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The country has 1,043 universities, 42,343 colleges and 11,779 autonomous institutions, including engineering and business schools, which serve more than 38 million students.

Most of these colleges are small in terms of enrollment, with 16.6% of these institutions having an enrollment of less than 100, and 48.9% having an enrollment of 100-500 students. This means that at least 65.5% of the country’s colleges have fewer than 500 students. A tiny 4% have over 3,000 students enrolled.

At least 32.6% of colleges manage only one program, of which 84.1% are privately managed. Of these private colleges, 37.4% only offer the B.Ed. Classes.

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The total number of students enrolled in arts courses is 9.65 million, of which 52.9% are women. Science is the second main stream, with 4.75 million students and again a majority of 51.7% are female students. Commerce is the third main stream with 4.16 million students enrolled, with more male students opting for courses than female students (48.8%).

But if we take the individual lessons, “we can see that the percentage of men is higher than that of women in almost all levels, except in courses like M.Phil. Undergraduate student enrollment is 50.8% male and 49.2% female. The diploma has an asymmetric distribution with 65.1% men and 34.9% women. doctorate level has 55% male and 45% female, ”according to the survey.

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