Amit Majithia is a name that came out of nowhere to rule the world of sports predictions


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Amit Majithia is a name that came out of nowhere to rule the world of sports predictions

His extensive knowledge of the sport of cricket catapulted him to dizzying heights of success.

The excitement of a live cricket match is doubled when you start receiving advance game predictions. Knowing which winning team takes you to a completely different area, which is also exciting and exciting. The sport of cricket has many fans across the globe, and predicting team or player performance has become a favorite pastime among cricket lovers. While it is rare to find individuals who predict the future of the game on target, there is one who has taken this space by storm due to his extensive knowledge of the game. This is Amit Majithia who can easily be called India’s cricket guru due to his extensive knowledge and expertise on the game.

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He has the rare quality of predicting game outcomes in advance, and often his predictions are right, which impressed a large audience who became part of his prediction extravaganza. Speaking of his extensive knowledge of the sport, Amit says: “From a young age I was drawn to cricket. If I wasn’t at school or studying, I would be found I learned a lot about cricket by researching it on the internet, as well as meeting many cricket experts who were well versed in how the game works. learned a lot about the game and I started applying my skills predicting what will happen next in live matches. To everyone’s surprise, my predictions started hitting the right targets, which made me made popular in the world of cricket.

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Today, this cricket guru is the expert hand behind many successful ventures including CBTF Speed ​​News, a cricket-specific platform that provides 24/7 updates on the sport. The popular news platform has famous Bollywood actor Emran Hashmi as its brand ambassador. Amit says he wants to reach as many people as possible and spread his knowledge about the sport. As a top cricket analyst, he wants to grab the space with his hard-hitting work which sets him apart from the rest. Apart from his gambling related endeavors, Amit also owns BCC Event, a music production company that has kicked off his innings with popular celebrities like Palak Muchhal, RCR, Adah Sharma, Karishma Sharma, Simran Kaur and many more. He says he is proud of himself because he started his career with just 3,500 in his pocket and now owns a business worth millions.

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