Analysis: Boris Johnson on a roll but how will it end?


today jabs for children.

Tuesday, Covid winter plan and booster doses.

Members could be forgiven for feeling politically drunk.

But Boris Johnson is on a roll, righting the government ship after the summer chaos as Britain and the United States were caught off guard as the Taliban swept through Afghanistan to seize power in Kabul .

Conservative MPs could be forgiven for feeling confused.

Many of them have been intimidated, because of the reshuffle, not to rebel against the tax hike or the removal of the £ 20 per week increase in universal credit, a cut some fear will turn into a Poll Tax Mark II.

So an optimistic Mr Johnson has dragged his party into uncharted waters on taxes and spending, rocking the political kaleidoscope.

Conservative MPs wonder how the pieces are falling back into place.

Their fear, however, is that the billions of pounds of additional investment in the NHS and to tackle the social services crisis will not solve it or avoid the waiting lists which still run into the millions during the next elections, expected in 2024, with the country paralyzed. public finances being an anchor for more prosperous periods.



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