Angry Trump again demands the impossible from January 6 panel after gripping hearing


Former President Donald Trump’s reaction Thursday to another powerful day of testimony before the House Select Committee investigating the U.S. Capitol riot was to demand the impossible again: proof of a rigged presidential election.

“The only thing that has not been discussed by the Unselects in any way, shape or form, is the irrefutable evidence of ELECTORAL FRAUD AND MASSIVE and utterly pervasive IRREGULARITIES that took place in the election 2020 presidential election. They refuse to go,” he posted.

Screenshot/Truth Social/Donald Trump

Trump appears to be ignoring the information in the hearings the same way he ignored responses from his Justice Department, various state officials and US Attorney General William Barr: The rigged election allegations were without foundation. A number of specific allegations have been refuted in detail.

Neither he nor his supporters have provided such evidence.

Last week, Trump noted on Truth Social that the “Deselection Committee refuses to debate the election results, the reason for the massive Jan. 6 crowd, because they can’t.”

In a separate Thursday post, Trump asked, “What about the massive ballot box stuffing shown … by the highly respected and credible (2000 Mules) Patriots of Truth.” He was referring to a discredited “documentary”, which drew a mocking laugh from the former attorney general during Barr’s testimony.

“I guess it’s OK for deselection? Such lies! Trump added in his message.

Screenshot/Truth Social/Donald Trump



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