Another hiker disappears on the mountain where Julian Sands went missing


Another hiker has disappeared on the mountain where actor Julian Sands went missing, authorities said.

Jin Chung, 75, of Los Angeles, has been missing since Sunday after he was last seen riding a carpool to Mount Baldy with two others around 6 a.m., the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Coroner said.

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The group of three agreed to meet back at the car around 2 p.m., but the 75-year-old did not show up.

“Chung was last seen at about 6am. Chung initially carpooled with two others to Mt. Baldy, but separated from them when they arrived, agreeing to meet at the vehicle at 2:00 PM. Chung has not been seen or heard from,” the sheriff’s department said in a press release.

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A search was made at night, but the walker was not found.

The disappearance comes within two weeks of the disappearance of Mr Sands, a 65-year-old English actor who was reported missing from the Baldy Bowl area, northeast of Los Angeles.

The search for Mr. Sands continued over the weekend using helicopters, drones and infrared equipment, but without finding the actor, the sheriff’s department said Monday.

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Earlier in the search, crews tried to retrace his steps and ping his cell phone.

The search for Jin Chung was to continue on Tuesday, but without the aid of helicopters due to strong wind warnings.

The agency revealed that the ground investigation into the 75-year-old crew has given a renewed chance to search for Mr Sands.

Actor Julian Sands poses for an interview


Anyone with information to aid the search is urged to call the Fontana Sheriff’s Station at (909) 356-6767 or Sheriff’s Dispatch at (909) 387-8313.

In the past four weeks, search and rescue crews have responded to 14 calls on Mount Baldy and the areas around the summit, the agency previously said. Two hikers died after falling injuries People magazine reported.

On Monday, the sheriff’s department posted on Facebook that “as we enter day 11 of the search for Julian Sands on Mt Baldy, we are reminded of the sheer determination and selflessness of all the people who assisted in this search.”

“We will continue to use the resources available to us in the coming days. We would like to share the following statement from the Sands family and ask that you keep them in mind during this difficult time,” the agency added.

A statement from Mr Sands’ family, shared by the department, said “we are deeply moved by the outpouring of love and support”.

“Our sincere thanks to the compassionate members of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department who are coordinating the search for our beloved Julian,” they added.


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