Apple may have accidentally spoiled ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ ​​villain


Alright now this it’s pretty funny.

Right now, there is a short-lived mystery in Falcon and the Winter Soldier as to the identity of the mysterious villain, the Power Broker, apparently behind all of the events of the series. While this could be a whole new face and presence, it could also be someone we know.

I have my own theory, and one that could be validated in the strangest way possible, thanks to a rule on product placement.

Potential spoilers follow.

So my theory from the end of the last episode that Sharon Carter (Emily Van Camp) is actually the Power Broker. I mean, she’s already a somewhat influential figure in the criminal underworld there, and she has every reason to hate SHIELD now that they’ve definitely disowned her. Sam comments on “everything she’s been through”.

Carter said that she helps Bucky and Sam to get a pardon, but at the end of the last episode she tells an associate “we have a problem”, and it seems possible that she is just using Bucky and Sam to find Karli, that we know the Power Broker threatens. In the comics, the Power Broker is just a guy, but here in the MCU? I could tell it was Carter.

So, what could have validated this theory?

I found this through Apple Insider, but it’s one thing fans have spotted.

Rian Johnson was interviewed about Knives Out a year ago and had a funny side about when Apple will let you or won’t allow you to use its onscreen phones:

“Apple, they let you use iPhones in movies,” Johnson said, “but – and this is very important – if you’re watching a mystery movie, the bad guys can’t have an iPhone in front of the camera. “

Well, in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sam, Bucky, and Torres are all shown using iPhones on camera. Sharon Carter also has a phone that is… not an iPhone. As such, the idea is that she’s a villain, which is why she was given a different brand of phone to use. You can’t have the evil Power Broker using an iPhone after all!

This is … hardly a confirmation, and there is no rule that all non-iPhone users must be bad guys, it’s just bad guys… can’t be iPhone users. But between that and the general clues of the story itself, I’m still a firm believer that Carter is the power broker. We could find out more next week here, as the series only has three more episodes to further its plot, and they may not be able to save the Power Broker reveal for the very last minute, at this rate. Stay tuned and we’ll find out together.

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