Babli Bouncer director Madhur Bhandarkar responds to the North-South debate, saying ‘For me Shah Rukh Khan and Ram Charan…’


Madhur Bhandarkar directed Babli Bouncer is released today (September 23) on Disney+Hotstar. Starring Tamannaah Bhatia, the film revolves around the story of the protagonist who breaks the glass ceiling to become a female bouncer in a world dominated by males. Although the film has received mixed reviews, Tamannaah’s serious performance as Babli Bouncer has won many hearts.

Days before the film’s release, we at TUSEN spoke to the National Award-winning director, Madhur Bhandarkar, and asked him about his decision to cast a Southern film industry protagonist in Babli Bouncer, and also asked about his opinion on the film. the film. North versus South debate. Speaking of the latter, Madhur Bhandarkar told TUSEN: “Honestly, I don’t watch this at all. To me it’s a movie, it’s Indian cinema. I used to deliver video cassettes and I’ve watched all kinds of movies. Hindi, Marathi and South . I never differentiated.”

He added: “There was a time when, like Bombay, Roja, Hindustani, Pushpak, Appu Raja, these were all South Indian movies that did well at the box office. So we never look at it from his perspective that it’s a South Indian movie The language may be different but for me it’s Indian movie To me everyone is a big star To me Shah Rukh Khan and Ram Charan both are big stars And in today’s time , in which there’s OTT, we all watch all kinds of movies, including Tamil and Malayalam. I’ve always said ‘art knows no boundaries, especially movies’.”

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About how Tamannaah got on board with the film, Madhur said, “When I told the script to Disney+Hotstar, they liked the idea of ​​an OTT original film. Then we approached Tamannaah Bhatia and she loved the script.” Madhur went on to say that Tamannaah wanted to make “a strong film with a good background” himself. He said, “She loved the script when I told her and said it was beautifully written.”

Asking him if Tamannaah was the first choice for Babli Bouncer, Madhur Bhandarkar told TUSEN: “When we make a movie, we think about (casting) different actresses multiple times. The same thing happened to me. Then the pandemic happened, things were not moving and later I told the movie to Disney+Hotstar. Then of course we kept thinking about who to cast and they said why we are not seeing Tamannaah Bhatia.” Madhur added: “Trust me, I hadn’t seen any of her movies except Baahubali 1. I hadn’t seen any of her previous works. I googled and saw her photos. Later I met her. It’s not like I didn’t know who that she was, but they had been brief encounters at awards shows/events so I said let me see because my movie requires a lot of “performance” and this movie had a lot of ups and downs in terms of the character not being one – dimensional. So I said okay, I don’t mind meeting her.” Madhur further elaborated on the process of getting Tamannaah on board, saying, “I met her, interacted with her before telling and while my writer was narrating, I looked at her and thought what she would look like in the roll. I felt she had the body language, the persona and I could tell she’s Babli. Now all that many wondered was that she has made several movies in the south, she has an accent… how can she play a Haryanvi character. So I got her to do a dictation lesson (to play the part). I just asked her to get the right accent and assured her that we will definitely get the best performance (out of her). And so Tamannaah finally came aboard.

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Madhur Bhandarkar, four-time National Awar winner and Padma Shri recipient, is best known for his films such as Chandni Bar, Page 3, Traffic Signal, Fashion and Heroine. His last performance Indu Sarkar was critically acclaimed. On the work front, he has several projects in the pipeline that will be announced in due course.



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