Bala launches Balacize, a new digital fitness platform from the workout accessory brand


Today, Bala launches its new video content platform called Balacize, a colorful and design-driven workout experience for fans of Bala fitness accessories. Conceptualized as an opportunity for the brand’s exponentially growing community to optimize workouts and explore new ways to use Bala’s colorful and design-centric workout accessories, the new platform launches with 100 modules of training. Focused on the use of its dedicated ambassador-instructors, called Balacizers, Balacize combines its best instructors with stylized set design and wardrobe, music and carefully selected videos that each feature a Bala product.

After a period of unprecedented growth in 2020, when physical studios were closed and fitness enthusiasts developed at-home routines, Bala’s revenue grew exponentially, from $2 million per year in 2019 to $16 million per year in 2020 and then to $23 million in 2021. A new web-based fitness platform has been designed to accommodate this accelerated growth as a natural digital evolution, with a dedicated Balacize app along the way. Co-founder Maximilian Kislevitz said of the launch, “Speed ​​to market played a huge role in this product release. We prioritized the web-based platform to create a training experience and seamless shopping. We also felt the urgency to teach customers how to get the most out of their Bala products. We are planning an app release in 2023.”

As essential to experience as it is to education, Balacize echoes the design-driven ethos of the brand’s iconic products. Kislevitz shares, “Just as Bala brought design sensibility to the physical product, we believe there is an opportunity to spruce up fitness content as well. Our goal is to improve the workout experience so people are more inspired to workout. We’ve all seen workouts filmed in minimalist studios or homes. By contrast, Balacize is a fantastic and deeply immersive workout experience.

Another differentiator of existing fitness content is the way Bala offers workouts to its community. Different from traditional digital fitness platforms that offer fixed workouts of 30 minutes and longer, the Balacize platform is made up of abbreviated workout pods that can be pieced together by users into a playlist. Pre-curated playlists can also be selected for a more traditional, longer workout consisting of smaller modules. Kislevitz shares that “Our top 100 videos can produce thousands of workout permutations. Bala’s curated playlists also offer a variety of options based on workout length, product, category, and instructor. We have nine official Balacizers who teach Sweat, Sculpt, Flow and Unwind themed classes, they include: Ridge Davis, Alexis Fischer, Aubre Winters, Marie Grujicic, Camai B, Danny Saltos, Grayson Gilbert, Jailyn Matthews and Renee Noah Harris.

Balacize is the latest launch from Bala, which has launched 10 fitness accessory products to date and recently opened a fitness studio and retail space in New York City. Kislevitz continues, “Many of our fitness accessories are brand new form factors (i.e. a weighted ring) and basically require product training for customers to get the most out of them. To date, we have sold over one million units of Bala Bangles and are regularly asked for workout content. Additionally, in a recent customer survey, we found that over 60% of our customers used their Bala products more than 3 times per week. »

Balacize is currently offered for free, with plans to upgrade to a paid subscription this summer. From then on, one month of free access will come with the purchase of a Bala product, and subscriptions will start at $12.99 per month or $99 per year.



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