Behind the Scenes: A Message from a Former Frontline Worker


Earlier this month, CW44 News at 10 took you behind the scenes at the Covid-19 clinic. The CDR Maguire team gave us an overview of what it takes to set up and manage Covid-19 clinics in the Bay Area. But this story does not end there.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to plague cities across the country, frontline workers are running out, many resigning in the thickets due to the overwhelming wave of positive cases.

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“I can tell you that our team of clinicians, registrars who open these sites and work at these sites haven’t had a day off for over 400 days,” said Tina Vidal, CEO of CDR Health with CDR Maguire.

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A former frontline worker herself, Vidal herself witnesses burnout. The company is responding to natural disasters across the country and has been asked to help set up contextual testing and vaccination sites throughout the pandemic.

“You know, we have staff who drove at night to refuel, who slept in the warehouse floors, so I want to say thank you to my team and all the other companies that are out there,” he said. she declared. You know, I always say that no matter what your belief system is, that for me God works in mysterious ways and that you are placed all your life in positions that maybe lead to something. And so for me, with Covid, everyone I’ve met in my healthcare career – I’ve used every contact I’ve ever known to respond to this disaster and so I don’t know if you will calling is luck.

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While she’s firmly committed to finishing the job, Vidal has a much deeper connection to these families often torn apart by the virus.

“My husband almost died from Covid last year and was saved by one of these treatments so it became a real personal mission. I almost became the widow of two very young children at the time who were 6 months and 3 years old, ”she said.

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So, for the average Floridian, you often see a line for people to get tested, but for Vidal, this is what she hopes is a lifeline for people.

“Um… I just want to make sure this doesn’t happen to other people.” And every life we ​​save every day is a blessing to me, ”she said.

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