Besieged NRA leader kept MPs filing for bankruptcy a secret


But the organization remains a powerful lobbying force that has reshaped the political landscape around guns. His lasting influence was manifested in the wake of two recent mass shootings, in Atlanta and Boulder, Colo., When calls for gun control met with strong Republican opposition and the realities of the systematic obstruction of the government. Senate.

Bankruptcy, however, is a risky bet for the NRA and a sign of its desperation. Mr. LaPierre and his outside lawyer, William A. Brewer III, an architect of the depot, could lose control of the organization. One possible outcome, if the case is not dismissed outright, is that judge Harlin D. Hale will appoint a trustee to take over the day-to-day operations of the NRA, replacing the current leadership. The use of a trustee is rare in large corporate bankruptcies and usually only occurs in cases of fraud, incompetence or serious mismanagement.

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Gregory E. Garman, an NRA lawyer, argued in court against such a result this week, saying “a trustee is in fact a death sentence”.

“The argument that a trustee secures the future of the NRA appeals to our purpose and role,” Garman said. “We don’t sell widgets.”

The NRA used the lawsuit to argue that the group reformed after making modest oversight errors. “Compliance has become a way of life at the National Rifle Association,” Garman said, while acknowledging that there would be “moderately dignified” moments in the lawsuit.

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But these moments undermined demands for reform. Among the issues raised during the proceedings is the fact that Mr LaPierre’s longtime assistant Millie Hallow was kept even after embezzling $ 40,000 from the NRA for her personal use, including for help pay for her son’s marriage. (Prior to being hired by the NRA, Ms Hallow pleaded guilty to a felony related to the theft of money from an arts agency she ran.)

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