Big-hearted crime lord Boba Fett confuses many “Star Wars” fans


Boba Fett’s book gave the famous bounty hunter around 200 times more screen time than he’s ever had in the real Star Wars movies, and fans are finding out their perceptions of what they have. thought it would be considerably modified by the content of the Disney Plus show.

For decades, Boba Fett was considered the ultimate badass, a mostly silent dude in cool armor who has gone through countless wild adventures in EU lore. Here, he may still be a tough guy, and yet Disney has taken a direction many never expected.

Boba Fett seems like… a really nice guy?

Even though the plot of Boba Fett’s book has Fett trying to merge power as a crime lord, as he puts it, he wants to do it with “respect, not fear.” This has resulted in a number of situations where Fett shows a surprising amount of restraint and mercy.

Is it good? Wrong? Once again, this sparked much debate among Star Wars fans.

In the last three episodes, Boba Fett has spared:

  • The life of an assistant to the town hall who insults him.
  • Two Gamorrean guards are offered to him in homage.
  • The life of an assassin who tries to kill him in the street.
  • The lives of the captured members of a collective of merchants who murdered Tusken raiders with their stationary train on multiple occasions.
  • The life of a gang of street children whom he instead recruits to work for him. And then the life of a merchant who tried to trick him into killing them in the first place.
  • A wookie gladiator for hire who tries to assassinate him in his bacta tank.

And now he is the proud owner of a baby Rancor who he also gives scratches.

Sometimes I think it works great. For example, I could see a different path where Boba Fett escaped the imprisonment of the Tusken Raiders and went on a rampage and murdered them all. And yet, what actually happened, with Fett being adopted and trained as a member of the tribe, was much more interesting and gave the character a lot more depth.

But the number of literal infractions and assassination attempts that Fett has overlooked at this point is starting to get a little absurd. I’m not sure Fett has to be “The Punisher” as some have said, and yet I agree with the general feeling that he acts a bit out of character, at least depending on the. Perception of the character that we have had for all these years. And while the show is about the criminal world of Tatooine, I can’t say that the vibe of the show (with colorful teenagers on mopeds) really fits the setting so far. I thought Episode 2 was really good, but it all feels very uneven, especially Fett’s own behavior in a lot of situations.

It’s too early to tell where this is all heading and what Fett might do in the future. But it’s quite strange having him with Fennec in the role of Good Cop / Murder Cop where all of a sudden Boba Fett is a beacon of wisdom and restraint, possibly even more so than The Mandalorian. We’ll see where things go, but I agree that it sounds pretty weird.

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