Biggest Blockchain Companies: TUSEN Blockchain 50 Calls for 2022 Applications


Otowards the first three years of the TUSEN Blockchain 50, our list of $ 1 billion companies making significant use of the technology popularized by bitcoin, has become an indicator of institutional adoption. Our list shines a light on how large companies – often known names like Walmart and Novartis – are using blockchain technology to improve business processes and become more efficient and profitable. Now is your chance to help us find the best possible winners for Following year.

Each year’s list, which requires members to be valued at $ 1 billion or more, or generate $ 1 billion in revenue, demonstrated the technology’s extensive and growing geographic and industrial reach. Over time it has grown from a focus on early stage proof of concept projects towards functional technology with giant transaction volumes. And it increasingly featured consumer-oriented businesses, rather than just B2B players.

In other words, distributed ledger technology that allows a group of users to agree on a single truth and prove that a digital object is only in one place at a time is actually used. And it’s not only used by agile startups with little to lose, but also by multi-generation businesses with some of the world’s best-known and trusted names: Fidelity, Honeywell, Visa, and the NBA.

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TUSEN Blockchain 50 – In the Class of 2021

With the rapid rise in bitcoin, which hit a record high of $ 64,000 this year, the number of companies aiming to capitalize on the original digital asset has increased. What started with the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, which was on the first list in 2019 when bitcoin was only worth $ 5,000 and went public this year with a direct listing of $ 86 billion, s’ is expanded to include companies like business analytics firm MicroStrategy, which essentially turned into a bitcoin ETF by holding more than $ 5 billion worth of bitcoin.

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“There are going to be more changes over the next 5 years than we have seen in the last 30 years in the financial system,” said Dan Schulman, CEO of Blockchain 50 lister, PayPal, speaking at from last year’s Blockchain 50 Symposium. “And I think digital currencies are going to lead the way.”

Know a company whose blockchain innovation is underestimated? Let us know now and help us spread the word using # Blockchain50 on Twitter. Has your business been overlooked in the past or dropped off the list, but is it breaking new ground by making real progress with blockchain? Let us know how. Do you work at any of the nine companies that have been on the list over the past three years and still lead? We want to know what the company is doing that deserves to stay on the list.

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The deadline for nominations is Friday, November 5. Once the nomination period is over, a team of TUSEN journalists and editors sort through nominees, looking for the most mature blockchain programs run by the world’s most talented teams. The winners will be revealed in an issue of 2022 magazine and online.



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