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Image source: IANS Check out Bollywood inspired sunglasses to buy now

It’s mid-January, the sun is shining and the days are sunny, the perfect time to refresh your sunglasses. They are not only indispensable all year round, but also one of the most essential accessories, so investing in a good pair is very important. To help you select the best, we’ve put together a list of styles that have been endorsed by The Tinted Story by celebrities.

Rakul Preet Singh in Heather Sunglasses (UV 400 Protection)

These are sunglasses for anyone who wants to make a statement. The Tinted Story half rim glasses have a unique two-tone design that is sure to turn heads.

Price: Rs 1599/-

India Tv - Rakul Preet Singh

Image source: IANSRakul Preet Singh in Heather sunglasses

Shraddha Kapoor in Oyster Wayfarer Sunglasses (UV 400 Protection)

These shades are perfect for a classic look that never goes out of style. The tinted lenses add a touch of personality and provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

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Price: Rs 1399/-

India TV - Shraddha Kapoor

Image source: IANSShraddha Kapoor Oyster Wayfarer sunglasses

Malaika Arora in Ether Sunglasses (UV 400 Protection)

These are the perfect accessories for any sunny day. They have a slim, square frame that is both stylish and modern. The lenses are tinted to reduce glare and protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Price: Rs 1499/-

India TV - Malaika Arora

Image source: IANSMalaika Arora in Ether sunglasses

Sharvari Wagh in Carol Cat Eye Sunglasses (UV 400 Protection)

Carol Cat Eye sunglasses are the perfect way to add a touch of glamor to any outfit. These stylish sunglasses come in six different colors so you can choose the perfect pair to match your look.

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Price: Rs 1499/-

India TV - Sharvari Wagh

Image source: IANSSharvari Wagh in Carol Cat Eye sunglasses

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Shraddha Kapoor in ebony gloss finish rectangular sunglasses (UV400 protection)

These are sure to warm up your look. With stunning colors and amazing quality, you can’t afford to miss out on the luscious hues that allow you to express your unique style and stand out in a crowd.

Price: Rs 1399/-

India TV - Shraddha Kapoor

Image source: IANSShraddha Kapoor in rectangular sunglasses with glossy ebony finish

Sonakshi Sinha in Magella Sunglasses (UV 400 Protection)

These Magella sunglasses not only look great, but also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. With four different colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect pair for your style. And the pendant makes them even more special.

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Price: Rs 1499/-

India TV - Sonakshi Sinha

Image source: IANSSonakshi Sinha in Magella sunglasses

Tahir Raj Bhasin in Maverick Aviator Sunglasses (UV 400 Protection)

Protect your eyes this sun-drenched season with our high-quality, fashion-forward aviator sunglasses. A stylish companion for every occasion!

Price: Rs 2199/-

India TV - Tahir Raj

Image source: IANSTahir Raj Bhasin in Maverick Aviator sunglasses

Guru Randhawa in rectangular spy glasses (UV400 protection)

Slip on this sleek new design that not only lets you see the world, but lets others see you too. These glasses are designed to be chic and functional with UV 400 protection!

Price: Rs 1299/-

India Tv - Guru Randhawa

Image source: IANSGuru Randhawa in rectangular spy glasses

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