Boy’s face flares up as ‘fire football’ game goes horribly wrong


Horrifying footage has shown the moment a six-year-old boy fell to the ground in pain after being set on fire while playing with his neighbour.

Dominick Krankall, of Bridgeport, Connecticut, was seen in the new footage playing with his eight-year-old neighbor Stefano Giacobbe and two other children.

They were starting fires, playing with a flaming tennis ball and kicking a flaming soccer ball together in the garden before Krankall accidentally ignited.

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The boy was then seen crying as flames covered his head and face. The older child was seen desperately trying to put out the fire in the clip which was recorded in April.

Police say there was no evidence the other boys were targeting Dominick as he burst into flames after kicking or stepping on a hot plastic cup filled with flaming petrol.

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The boys were seen playing with a flaming gasoline-soaked tennis ball in footage from April

The force statement said: “There is nothing on the video showing either of the children deliberately injuring the other.”

However, Stefano has since been accused of setting the Krankall on fire, leaving him shunned by other kids who now think he’s a violent bully.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he broke down in tears as he said the other children would no longer play with him, saying: ‘They told me to get away from the house and not start my fire.

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Stefano Giacobbe was seen trying to put out the fire
Stefano Giacobbe was seen trying to put out the fire

His mother, Laura Giacobbe, 45, claims her son was ‘cancelled’ by friends he ‘loved like brothers’ because they accused him of deliberately throwing a flaming ball at his neighbour.

She added: “Having him go through this every day, being accused of being a bully, isn’t right – because he’s not a bully.”

Giacobbe has since spoken to the New York Post saying she wants the mother of burn victim Maria Rua arrested for taking her son ‘through hell’ as the bullying allegations led to death threats and the need for police protection outside their homes.

Dominick Krankall survived the ordeal and is said to be healing and in 'good spirits'
Dominick Krankall survived the ordeal and is said to be healing and in ‘good spirits’

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She added: “Her child was able to go to Yankee Stadium while my child sat inside in fear because of all the statements made against him.

“I want her arrested because I think it’s not fair. It is defamation of character. She slandered my family. She put my son through hell. She put me in hell. I want her arrested for making false statements.

However, Rua stood by his son, while calling Giacobbe a “liar” and a “narcissist”.

Domonick is said to be healing and “in good spirits”.


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