Candidates defeated in recall effort make remarks on election results


LOS ANGELES (TUSEN) – As the results of the recall election in California fell quickly, with nearly 70% of voters rejecting efforts to oust Gov. Newsom, the defeated gubernatorial candidates made their remarks Tuesday night on the election outcome.

The main Republican candidate, Larry Elder, addressed Costa Mesa supporters.

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“My opponent, Governor Gavin Newsom,” Elder said, amid boos from the assembled crowd. “Come on, let’s be graceful in defeat, and by the way, we might have lost the battle, but we’re going to win the war.”

At his campaign headquarters in San Diego, former two-term Republican mayor Kevin Faulconer didn’t wait long after the polls closed to deliver his concession speech.

“As for my next step, I will take the time to speak not only to my family but also to my supporters and to determine the best steps here in the coming weeks to continue to be a fighter, to continue to serve our great. State because California is worth fighting for, don’t you guys? Said Faulconer.

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Businessman John Cox, who took to the country road with a big bear and crossed the state by bus, also said the fight was not over.

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“This state needs to improve. This state must change. This state must fulfill its obligations to provide an opportunity for every one of its citizens, not just the rich or connected like Gavin Newsom. I will not give up. I will stay active. We’ll see what happens in this recall. I sincerely hope that the voters of this state will make a strong statement today that they want change and that we will have new leadership in Sacramento, ”Cox said.

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Another Republican candidate, Caitlyn Jenner, spent election night in Westlake Village in Ventura County. The 71-year-old TV personality and former Olympic gold medalist was one of Newsom’s most prominent challengers. Jenner has told her supporters that she is now looking to the future.

“Obviously, I want to do whatever I can to help, whatever it takes in 2022 to stop what is happening in this country and also in this state. So that’s kind of where we’re at, ”Jenner said.

Real estate businessman and successful YouTuber Kevin Paffrath, who was one of the only Democrats to run in the recall election, also spent the evening in his campaign headquarters in Ventura. He said he believed the election results depended on what voters thought of Newsom’s pandemic policies.

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“Everything revolves around COVID, the fear of the Delta surge. If we look at the polls, we see Delta starting to increase the last three days of July and the first two weeks of August. This is exactly when the polls changed because Gavin Newsom called anyone but him wanting to cancel vaccine warrants, mask warrants and people had the fear of God in them, that ‘Oh my God, COVIDs are going to kill us all. So that was a gift for Gavin Newsom, and Larry Elder being the face of removing vaccination warrants and mask warrants “before he takes his first tea” is his quote, literally gave to Gavin Newsom a lot of what he needed, ”Paffrath said.



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