CBS3 Mysteries: The 2002 Good Friday murder of Robert Ucciferri still haunts the family 20 years later


CHERRY HILL, NJ (TUSEN) — More than 20 years after a Cherry Hill man was murdered, his family is waiting for justice. There have been few leads in the murder of Robert Ucciferri, but investigators say they are not giving up.

Robert Ucciferri was one hell of a talented guy.

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“There was nothing he wasn’t afraid to tackle,” Louis Ucciferri said. “We were going to an area and he made an addition above a garage, and we ended up doing more than half the block. He could sell. He could build.

“Some people are good at certain things,” Kristina Ucciferri said.

“He was gifted,” Louis said.

Robert’s brother Louis and his daughter Kristina sat down with CBS3 Mysteries more than 20 years after he was shot and killed.

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“It’s still difficult 20 years later,” Louis said. “It always touches the heart, I always think about having a coffee. So.”

It was March 29, Good Friday 2002. Robert came to the American Legion from Cherry Hill. He saw friends at the bar.

“As the night progressed, Robert moved around and sat down with his friend and companion,” said Sgt. Dennis Convery of the Camden Country Attorney’s Office Homicide Unit said. “They had a few drinks. They played pool all night, then around 1:30am it was last call for the bar.

Robert left around 1:45 a.m. The bartender finished at 2:30 a.m.

“She noticed a van was still there,” Convery said. “She thought it was a little weird, but she didn’t give it much thought.”

The next day, members of the legion were back for an Easter egg hunt – and that van was still in the parking lot.

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“At that time she asked some members of the American Legion to check the truck, which they did,” Convery said, “and in doing so they unfortunately found Robert deceased in the vehicle, collapsed .”

He had been shot twice. The family received the call the next day. It was Easter.

All the years later, there are fond memories.

“He would give you the shirt he had on his back, Bob,” Louis said. “He was very talented. A very talented guy but family first. Family first. He was like the protector.

Over the years, detectives have focused on persons of interest connected to the case.

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One of them was ruled out by investigators. A second has always remained on the periphery of the investigation.

“After knocking on some doors we received some additional information,” Convery said, “which seems fruitful and hopefully doing something like this can give us more information to cross that line.”

A point of distinction, Robert’s landscaping van had a unique logo.

Maybe the police think it jogs a memory.

“There was a little image like Dino the dinosaur from Flintstones on it,” Convery said. “I actually remember the truck when I was a kid and it was driving through the area.”

Do you have any information on this March 2002 murder case?

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Homicide detectives at the Camden County District Attorney’s Office want to hear from you. Call them at 856-365-3279.



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