CBSE exams: principals want fair criteria for grading grade 10 students


The CBSE canceled class 10 board exams on Wednesday and postponed class 12 exams following an increase in the number of coronavirus cases. While the situation will be reviewed in June for the conduct of class 12 exams, the class 10 result will be declared on the basis of an objective criterion decided by the jury.

The decision on the two reviews was taken at a high-level meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The exams were to start from May 4.

According to Sangeeta Hajela, director of DPS Indirapuram, “the class 10 board exams are not the graduation exams marking the transition to higher education institutions; the result of the 10th council helps students and teachers to assess the choice of courses and the allocation of subjects ”.

“The focus should now be on correcting the learning deficit that has already occurred. However, the grade 12 board exams come with a different kind of sanctity, as all the possibilities for higher education and all career choices, in India and abroad, depend on it, ”she said.

Pallavi Upadhyaya, director of DPS-RNE Ghaziabad, said the grade 10 student assessment model should be shared with schools as soon as possible to enable teachers to prepare students.

Rajat Goel, Principal of MRG School, Rohini, said: “Given the current scenario, where we do not have enough online services across the country, this is a practical decision. Having said that, during the entire year of the pandemic, we have not been able to develop our country to provide education to students across the country. “

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“If we had been prepared for this, we could have made arrangements online for the same. It is unfortunate that the students have put so much effort throughout the year to achieve the desired result in the board exam for nothing other than in the current situation, health comes first for all ”, he added.

Calls for the cancellation of board reviews have been raised from various quarters. More than 2 lakh students had also signed an online petition calling for the cancellation of board exams and the hasthtag “cancelboardexams” has also been trending on Twitter for the past week.

States like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab have already announced changes to their exam plans.

According to Alka Kapur, director of the modern school, Shalimar Bagh, “From a student’s perspective, they would like the exams to be over so they can continue their careers, but the second wave of COVID-19 is wreaking havoc across country, some states are doing less well than others. Since the board of CBSE is entirely Indian in character, it cannot conduct the reviews separately for different states. Therefore, we must wait until the situation becomes manageable. “

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Sunita Gandhi, educator and founder of the Global Education Training Institute, said that for class 12 students, the 15-day notice window provides mental relief under the circumstances.

“It is good that the CBSE is promoting students from grade 10 to the next grade on a fair basis. It is disappointing for the children, teachers and schools who have worked very hard to achieve their goals,” he said. she declared.

Given the situation, however, we all have to accept and endure it. It is a relief that children can take an exam if they are not happy with the marks they will get. Harsh times demanded tough decisions. These children can also show their competence in class 12 exams, ”she added.

Praveen Raju, co-chair of FICCI ARISE, said the modalities for assessing grade 10 students should be discussed with stakeholders to arrive at the best possible solution under the current circumstances.

Charu Wahi, principal of the Nirmal Bhatia school was of the opinion that the government should now simply decide and set a date to avoid further uncertainty, and hence anxiety among the children.

“Having set this date, they should not waste time and plan and prepare for an alternative mode of assessment in case the increase in cases continues. No further postponements should be made,” she said. declared.

According to Shishir Jaipuria, president of the Seth Anandram Jaipuria group of educational institutions, Ghaziabad, as board exams provide a fairly accurate assessment of a student’s intellect and learning, these are unprecedented moments. and the health safety of students cannot be compromised.

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“The infection is observed to spread even in children, so it was not advisable to do offline exams. It is a difficult decision on the part of the government and I am sure a lot of thought has gone into it. I hope the situation will improve in the near future with more and more people being vaccinated, so that the uncertainty on class 12 exams can end and education can revert to a relative normality, ”he declared.

Vishnu Karthik, Director of Heritage Xperiential Learning School, said Class 10 is not a high stakes exam and therefore the opportunity cost of canceling exams is not high.

“Although CBSE will struggle to find a fair assessment alternative and in such situations even a perfect alternative will have a negative impact on some sections of the students,” he said.

“Canceling grade 12 exams is not an alternative as it would be unfair to thousands of students and impact their university admissions. Additionally, the spread of COVID-19 is not uniform across the country. So making a decision in a few months from now will help make a more informed decision, ”he added.

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