Center denied permission to visit Europe, says Punjab minister


Aman Arora is the Punjab Minister for New and Renewable Energy Sources. (File)


Punjab Minister Aman Arora said Friday that the Center has denied him political permission to visit Europe where he would go on a study trip to share knowledge.

Mr Arora was to visit for a week from Saturday. The development comes amid a political clash with the BJP, which has been accused of attempting to overthrow the AAP government in Punjab.

“The BJP-run center blames Punjab for stubble burning, but they refused permission when I went on a knowledge-sharing tour. Keeping Punjab out of participation is a perfect example of the narrow-minded mentality of the BJP government,” said Mr. Arora. PTI over the phone.

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When asked if reasons were given for the denial of consent, Mr. Arora told PTI by telephone, “No reason has been given.” The minister for new and renewable energy sources claimed that the Center does not want any new technology to come and come to Punjab or find solutions to the stubble burning problem.

“Unfortunately, the Union government has refused me permission to visit Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium for a green hydrogen knowledge-sharing study tour sponsored by the Indo-German Energy Forum to tackle stubble burning and pollution,” he previously tweeted.

According to a statement from the state government, the Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy had approved a list of a 13-member delegation, including Aman Arora, on Sept. 14, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) has not given the minister political approval. . .

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Arora asked if the Center was “so politically insecure of the leadership of the Aam Aadmi Party that it resorted to cheap tactics such as denial of political endorsement”.

Mr Arora said from Punjab that he would participate in the event, which was sponsored by the Indo-German Forum and neither the Center nor the state government had to bear any costs.

“While the Center has authorized other states and other delegates to participate, I have only been denied permission and no political authorization has been given,” Arora said.

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“This knowledge-sharing tour from September 24 to October 2 was instrumental in the planning and development of new and renewable energy sources in the state to meet future demands, in addition to ensuring a green and clean environment,” he said. Arora.

The Union government “such undue interference will threaten the federal fabric of the nation,” he said. The minister claimed that the success of AAP’s people-friendly policies poses a strong challenge to the “BJP model of hate and lies”.

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