Certainly ’24 officials involved in formal complaints against Dominic Raab’


ominic Raab has reportedly been the subject of formal complaints of bullying by at least 24 officials.

Eight formal allegations have been made against the Deputy Prime Minister and are being investigated by senior lawyer Adam Tolley KC.

But The Guardian says all but two of the complaints involve multiple prosecutors, with some of Mr Raab’s cabinet aides from his time as Foreign Secretary believed to have submitted comments.

I make no apologies for maintaining high standards, for trying to move things forward

The newspaper said the total number of complainants is estimated to be at least two dozen, though it could be more than thirty.

Mr Raab said he is “always aware” of his behavior but “makes no excuses for maintaining high standards” when asked if he has changed the way he interacts with others.

The Justice Minister previously told the TUSEN: “A number of complaints have been made.

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“The moment that happened, the moment there were formal complaints, and of course there were leaked and anonymous points in the media, I immediately asked for an independent investigation.

“That’s excellent. That’s ongoing. I can’t comment on that, it would be wrong if I did.

“But as I’ve said before, I’m confident I’ve behaved professionally all along, and of course the government has a zero-tolerance approach to bullying.”

He said it was up to the lawyer “to make further statements”.

“But there will be a report, it will go to the Prime Minister, it will be published, so there is no question of evading transparency on this.”

Rishi Sunak has resisted calls to suspend Mr Raab while the investigation is carried out.

Deputy Labor leader Angela Rayner said the report from dozens of complainants raised “even more questions” about Mr Sunak’s verdict.

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“These shocking allegations of widespread harassment and intimidation raise even more questions about the Prime Minister’s judgement,” she said.

“He promised a government of integrity and claimed zero tolerance for bullying, but he not only appointed Dominic Raab as his deputy prime minister and justice minister, but continues to support him.

“The cabinet he has appointed is awash in filth and scandal, but the Prime Minister is too weak to do anything about it. There must be no whitewashing, and the Prime Minister himself must be honest about what he knew when he reappointed Dominic Raab.

Asked if he has changed his behavior since the complaints were made, Mr Raab said: “I don’t think I have done anything wrong.

“So look, of course I always watch how I behave.

“But really I think what people want to know is that their ministers are committed to delivering for them and I make no apologies for having high standards, for trying to push things forward…

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“I think people expect ministers to come in to really move things forward and move things forward.

“But of course you can do that in a professional way, and I’m confident that I’ve been doing that all along.”

A Cabinet Office spokesman said: “The investigation by Adam Tolley KC is ongoing so it would be inappropriate to comment further while that process is taking place.”

A MoJ spokesperson said: “There is no tolerance for bullying in the civil service. The deputy prime minister leads a professional department, which implements major reforms, where civil servants are valued and the level of ambition is high.

“An independent investigation is ongoing and it would be inappropriate to comment further on issues related to it until it is completed.”



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