‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Kids Unrecognizable 16 Years Later – Now Teen Millionaires


As YouTube nears its 17th birthday, many of the early viral video stars that made the site famous are much older, wiser and wealthier.

But perhaps the biggest viral video the site has ever released is “Charlie Bit My Finger.” For many years, it held the top spot as the most watched clip on YouTube.

The video, which lasted just under a minute, was a You’ve Been Framed-style family movie where three-year-old Harry Davies-Carr gets his finger bitten off by his one-year-old brother, Charlie.

Although the video was only meant to be viewed by family and friends, it quickly became the most watched YouTube video of all time.

The 56-second clip shows Harry deciding to stick his finger in Charlie’s mouth, then being shocked and surprised at what happens next.

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‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ is the most watched video of all time on YouTube

16 years later, Harry and Charlie are now teenagers and are older brothers to their two siblings, Jasper and Rupert.

Although they look unrecognizable today, video still plays an important role in their lives, giving their parents the opportunity to expand their family and send all the kids to college.

The family earned a tidy sum of money, but didn’t splash it on flash cars or houses, although both Charlie and Harry joked about spending their royalties on Ferraris.

In an interview with Good Morning Britain, dad Howard said: “Charlie came home once and said, ‘is it true you can buy me a Ferrari?

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“In reality, we don’t treat them much.”

Charlie, now 15, joked, “The video made money? What money?”

His brother Harry added: ‘He’s keeping this very secret, isn’t he Dad?

In fact, the couple’s mother, Shelley, said they couldn’t have had Rupert if not for the success of the music video.

Harry, now 17 (left) had his finger bitten off by Charlie, now 15 (right) when they were little
Harry, now 17 (left) had his finger bitten off by Charlie, now 15 (right) when they were little

Why was Charlie Bit My Finger removed from YouTube?

With over 880 million views, you’d think YouTube would have fought hard to keep Charlie Bit My Finger on the platform. Although it is still possible to watch other versions of the video, the original clip has now disappeared from the platform.

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Indeed, the Davies-Carr family decided to auction the clip as an “NFT”, a kind of digital asset that acts as a “copyright” on a video, a meme, a work of original art or tweet.

The clip went on sale for £538,000 in June last year, with an anonymous bidder called ‘3fmusic’ winning the auction.

The Davies-Carr family with Harry (far left) and Charlie (second from left) all grown up
The Davies-Carr family with Harry (far left) and Charlie (second from left) all grown up

This means that the winner of the auction now owns all rights to the video.

Meanwhile, the Davies-Carr family cashed in on the money, making a total of £1million since uploading.

“The biggest change in our life is that instead of having two kids, or three kids, we have four kids – and we saw money as a way to afford that comfortably.”

The family plans to use the money to send all four boys to college, in hopes that they will one day find fame for something other than video.



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