Complaint filed against Richa Chadha, filmmaker Ashoke Pandit calls her Galwan comment ‘anti-national’


Ever since actress Richa Chadha made a comment about the 2020 Galwan clash, which killed several Indian Army soldiers, there has been a massive furor on social media condemning her act.

As the BJP lashed out at the actress and demanded legal action against her, filmmaker Ashoke Pandit echoed similar sentiments. On Thursday, Ashoke Pandit filed a police complaint against Richa, even saying he considers her comment “anti-national”.

Immediately after filing the complaint with a local police station in Mumbai, the filmmaker told ANI exclusively, “I, as a citizen of this country, am very hurt, and with me there are thousands of people who have felt hurt watching the social media … with this obnoxious, anti-national statement from actress Richa Chadha I strongly condemn it, and as a citizen I thought I should file a police complaint against her I have appealed to the police that there should be an FIR should be filed against her and legal action should be taken against her because no one can get away with mocking our security forces, she has mocked the families of the security forces who gave their lives in Galwan, she is abusing our security forces. “

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He added: “So it becomes my utmost duty to file a complaint against her so that action must be taken. And no one can get away with mocking and ridiculing security forces. We respect them, we respect their families .” to other members of the movie fraternity to come out publicly and condemn Richa’s comment.

“I think this statement of hers, this mockery of her should not be taken lightly. And I appeal to my film and television industry to condemn this unpleasant, anti-national act by Richa Chadha. So that tomorrow as the people of this country react against the industry there should be no justifications. As far as condemnation is concerned. I am sure industry high lords will respond to this and condemn this statement of hers so that this act of the industry will not be repeated again,” concluded pandit.

On Wednesday, Richa had responded to the statement by Northern Army Commander Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi that the Indian Army is ready to carry out all orders to take back Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). Lieutenant General Dwivedi’s statement was made in reference to Defense Minister’s earlier speech in which he reiterated New Delhi’s determination to take back Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), saying that all refugees should leave their land and houses back.

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Lieutenant General Dwivedi said, “As far as the Indian Army is concerned, it will carry out any order issued by the Government of India. When such orders are given, we will always be ready.” her Twitter account and wrote, “Galwan says hello.” As soon as she tweeted this, all hell broke loose on social media and people started criticizing her for allegedly insulting the military by talking about the 2020 India-China clash.

Manjinder Singh Sirsa, leader of the Bharatiya Janata party, has lashed out at Bollywood actress Richa Chadha and demanded a police case be filed against her over her response to the Indian Army’s statement.

In a video statement released Thursday, Sirsa said, “Chadha is a third grade actress in Bollywood. She is known to post offensive tweets against India. She is a supporter of Congress and follower of Rahul Gandhi.” apologize via tweet.

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Richa wrote, “While it can never be my intention if the 3 words swept up in a controversy have offended or hurt anyone, I apologize and also say that I would be saddened if my words even inadvertently caused this. feeling in my brothers in the Fauj of which my own Nanaji has been an illustrious part As a lieutenant colonel he was shot in the leg during the war between Indo and China in the 1960s My Mamaji was a paratrooper It is in my blood.”

She added: “An entire family is affected when their son is martyred or even injured while saving the nation made up of people like us and I personally know how it feels. It’s an emotional issue for me.”



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