Conservative leadership rules: how the Tories will choose the next prime minister


When is the Tory leaders’ ballot 3?

The third voting round is today July 18, the next voting is scheduled for tomorrow and the last round is scheduled for Wednesday.

When are the leadership conversations?

MPs get a chance to grill the candidates about their policies on a “super Monday” of hustings.

Three series of hustings are scheduled for Monday, July 18 – one by the 1922 committee and open to all Tory MPs, one by the 92 group of senior Tory MPs and one by the anti-woke Common Sense group.

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The confrontation begins

Conservative Central Bureau officials then take over and organize a series of hustings at the party’s regional bases across the country so members can grill up the two remaining contenders.

The hustings – held in places like Belfast, York, Darlington, Perth, Nottingham and Cardiff in 2019 – will allow thousands of voting members to question the latter two.

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Tory members will be encouraged to vote by mail for their choice to become the next Conservative Party leader at the end of August.

When will the next prime minister be announced?

The winner will be announced on Monday 5 September.

The new Conservative leader and Prime Minister have two days to prepare for their first meeting with Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer on Wednesday, September 7.

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