Cult drink: Chocolate malt drink Heliomalt is rebranded


Three investors want to freshen up the cult drink Heliomalt – and are copying it from competitor Ovaltine

The chocolate malt drink has almost disappeared into insignificance over the years. Now it’s getting a rebrand.

This is how the product looks today.

Image: PD

In the younger generation, the name Heliomalt should only cause frowns. The heyday of the cocoa-malt drink is long gone, it has been practically non-existent in advertising for the last few decades, and it has been supplanted on the breakfast table by Ovomaltine or Nesquik. The older generation, on the other hand, is only too familiar with Heliomalt, and the almost 100-year-old cult drink even arouses nostalgia in some people.


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