‘Debenhams glamorous gal’ who tragically fell into the world of drugs and prostitution


A glamorous former girl looks unrecognizable in her photo as she was jailed after falling into the seedy world of drugs and prostitution.

Clair Hawley, 36, was jailed this week after teaming up with a friend to hatch a nasty plan to rob her prostitution punters by luring them to her knife-wielding accomplice.

Brazen Hawley denied the robbery and attempted robbery by two unsuspecting men on July 26, but a jury at Hull Crown Court saw through her lies and convicted her after barely an hour of deliberation.

And her mugshot, released by police after she was jailed for eight years, is a far cry from her glamorous photos from when she was studying for a make-up degree at the University of Hull and working as a beauty consultant at Debenhams .

Drug-addicted prostitute Clair Hawley’s mug shot is a world away from the glamorous selfies she used to take

Her boyfriend, Kevin Duthie, 30, of Hall Road, Hull, was jailed for 12 years after admitting aggravated robbery and burglary, Hull Live reports.

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Hawley paved the way for cruel offenses by approaching the men in the early hours of the morning in the Hessle Road area of ​​the port city and offering them sex.

The pair, in separate incidents hours apart, were lured by her into a trap where “Scotch Kev” Duthie was waiting to pounce on them, armed with a fearsome knife.

passport photo of a man
Clair Hawley and Kevin Duthie were jailed for eight and 12 years respectively

One victim, a carpet fitter who had finished a job in a pub at 3.15am, was led at knifepoint to a cash machine in the nearby Shell garage and forced to withdraw £100 from the 106 £ he had in his account.

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He had already thrown £60 on the greedy Duthie while in his work van, in the vain hope that it would be enough, but he was wrong.

Selfie of Clair Hawley
Court heard Hawley took crack to ‘feel promiscuous and sexy’ for her ‘soul destroying’ sex work

Hawley became a beauty consultant and makeup artist at the beloved and respected Debenhams department store in Hull at the end of 2013.

She has also been involved with Benefit Cosmetics, helping people with their advertised instant beauty fixes and makeup products, tips and tricks.

The court heard Hawley drifting into serious Class A drug addiction and she became involved in ‘drug trafficking’ for an organized drug operation in Liverpool County.

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Her lawyer, Helen Chapman, told the court: “Drugs eventually got her into sex work.

“She took crack to feel promiscuous and sexy, otherwise doing this kind of work would be pretty soul destroying.

“She took crack to feel ready to do this kind of work.”

Judge Mark Bury said it was “quite clear” Hawley knew full well what would happen when she lured the two men to Duthie, who was waiting with a knife to rob them.

He told her, “You have to serve a long sentence.

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