Delhi government writes to center to allow journalists to be vaccinated: Kejriwal


Meanwhile, reeling from the fourth wave of COVID-19, the nation’s capital recorded the highest ever on Tuesday of 13,468 cases and 81 deaths from the infection, giving it the dubious distinction of to be the worst affected city in the county.

The highest one-day peak in Mumbai stands at 9,986 cases to date, followed by Bengaluru (6,387 cases), Chennai (2,105) and Kolkata (1,271 cases).

Following an exponential increase in coronavirus cases in Delhi, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called on the Center to cancel Class 10 and 12 board exams and explore alternative methods, including online exams.

Having warned that conducting the exams may contribute to the large-scale spread of the virus, he said the centers could become major hot spots.

“Six lakh children in Delhi are going to take CBSE exams. Almost one lakh teacher will be part of it. These (the centers) can become major hot spots leading to large scale spread of the crown. The lives and health of the children are very important to I ask the Center to cancel the CBSE exams, ”he said at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

Class 10 and 12 CBSE exams are scheduled to start on May 4. With the exponential increase in coronavirus cases, the chorus for canceling or postponing board exams increases on Tuesday, the positivity rate rose to 13.14% from 12.44% a day ago. .

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The 81 deaths are the highest since December 3 when 82 deaths were recorded. The national capital had recorded 131 deaths from COVID-19 on November 19, the highest number of deaths per day to date.

From April 4 to 13, Delhi recorded 77,775 cases of COVID-19, with a massive increase of 234%. During the same period, 376 people died from the disease.

As coronavirus disease continues to climb in the city, Kejriwal said stocks of plasma to treat COVID-19 patients are very low and called on those who have recovered from the infection to be proactive in it. donating.

“This (fourth) wave is very dangerous. According to the data of the last 10 to 15 days, 65% of the patients are under 45 years old. Your health and your life are very important to us. So I would like to appeal to the young people of leave the house only when necessary and follow all COVID protocols, ”Kejriwal said at a press conference earlier today.

He also called on people whose health is improving to move to home isolation so that the beds can be used for critically ill patients.

“We also need to integrate the hospital leadership into an effective planning system. For example, we now monitor every patient within the hospital. If doctors believe that a particular patient can be cured at home, it They are asked to leave. It is not the hospital or the government that is shirking its responsibilities, not at all.

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“We will provide these patients with an oximeter, our doctors will call them regularly for a check-up. We will monitor their situation even at home and bring them back to the hospital if necessary,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Delhi government has ordered healthcare facilities to strictly follow admission protocol while admitting coronavirus patients and said mild or asymptomatic cases can be considered for home isolation. General Health Services (DGHS) said that severe cases of respiratory distress requiring mechanical ventilation be admitted to a dedicated COVID hospital.

The government has warned against action if the established admission protocol is not followed.

In an order issued last week, the General Directorate of Health Services said hospitals have been observed to admit mild and moderate cases of COVID-19 that do not comply with the prescribed admission protocol.

According to official records, 7,731 beds were occupied by COVID-19 patients until Tuesday, when there were 21,954 people isolated at home in the nation’s capital.

In Delhi, the cumulative number of coronavirus cases stands at 7.50156, and the death toll is now 11,436, according to the latest health bulletin.

As of Tuesday, 13,468 cases emerged from tests over 1.02 lakh carried out the day before. The city had reported 11,491 cases and 72 deaths as of Monday. 10,772 cases and 48 deaths were recorded on Sunday.

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Delhi recorded 7,897 cases of COVID-19 and 39 deaths on Saturday. The positivity rate had also climbed to 10.21%, crossing the 10% mark for the first time this year. The positivity rate was over 15 percent in mid-November last year.

As coronavirus cases increase in Delhi, private labs, which are performing more testing than ever, say they are wasting significant time manually uploading data to the ICMR website.

Dr Gauri Agarwal of Genestring Labs, responsible for carrying out COVID-19 testing at Delhi Airport, said they are performing around 8,000 tests per day.

“The workforce and data entry are a challenge. Many times the whole system has to be realigned if workers are infected, ”she said.

A day after the Delhi government declared 14 private hospitals to be “full-fledged COVID-19” facilities, those health centers were attempting on Tuesday to accommodate existing non-COVID patients for lack of clearer instructions.

These included the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in Sarita Vihar, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Holy Family Hospital, Max SS Hospital and Fortis Hospital in Shalimar Bagh.

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