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Indian hitter Shubman Gill praised New Zealand point guard Kyle Jamieson’s vicious in-dipper who pierced his defenses, admitting he couldn’t read the delivery as he wasn’t expecting a fair reverse swing after lunch on the opening day of the first Test here. Gill, who scored 52, looked in good contact before Jamieson got one to fall back and he knocked down India’s opening lock, stock and barrel during the session. after lunch. “I think he (Jamieson) played pretty well today, especially on the first spell, he played some really good areas for me and after lunch, all the spell he played was top notch.” Gill said after day’s end.

The problem with his dismissal was an early reverse swing, according to Gill, as the ball was only 30 years old.

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“Sometimes it’s hard to start knowing when the swing is reversed and especially after coming back from lunch I didn’t expect the ball to reverse so early in the game,” Gill admitted frankly.

“That’s the problem with Test Cricket, you have to read the conditions quickly. In this particular round I wasn’t able to read that ball well because in general I didn’t expect the ball to go. reverse. “

That day, he handled New Zealand spin duo Ajaz Patel and Will Somerville with ease and credited it to playing Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja in the nets.

“If you are already playing against two of the top spinners in the nets, especially India, it helps because if you try to negotiate them you have a much better chance of going in the middle of the game and trying to deal with those. crucial elements. periods. “

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He praised Shreyas Iyer for handling a sticky situation after India lost three wickets in the after lunch session.

As for his own stick, what he loved was playing in front of fans, who have long been kept away from stadiums due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Obviously it was good to be able to play a game in India with the home crowd and we are looking forward to the rest of the game.”

As he opened the stick, Gill reminded that when needed he can strike in the middle order as well.

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“I opened for (my) state team India A in first class matches, in other countries I also hit in the middle order, it’s more on the mental side than technical.”

Gill also appreciates the fact that Rahul Dravid is now the head of the team, someone who mentored him during his formative years in age group cricket.


“It makes a difference when you’ve played cricket by age group under him. You know what to expect from this person.

“Rahul sir was with us throughout our Under-19 days and not just the World Cup but all the trip we had,” he concluded.

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