Discover outrageous underwater life off the world’s islands of Dubai for $ 3 million


Unlike the marine life that gave them their name, seahorse floating villas don’t actually move up and down below the water’s surface. But they are floating, partially submerged, and moored around the islands of the world, a development by Nakheel Properties of man-made land masses off the coast of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The 300 artificial islands are shaped like a world map and are identified by country. The Floating Seahorse is located in the area known as Heart of Europe, a project of the Kleindienst Group. Neighboring thematic islands include the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden.

The Floating Seahorse’s innovative marine-style retreats are akin to elaborate stationary house / boat hybrids. Lacking propulsion and navigation systems, they are put in place by construction cranes and then anchored to the ocean floor.

The contemporary three-story homes have an underwater level, a sea level, and a deck level. Marine grade concrete is used for the underwater surface. The upper levels, framed in lightweight aluminum, have the glossy finish of a luxury yacht.

The submerged floor contains the master bedroom and a bathroom. A rounded corner floor-to-ceiling window in the bedroom offers views of the marine life. The colorful inhabitants of the artificial coral reef include the striped anemonefish, blue angel fish, and pink anemones.

Another window in the bathroom is located next to the freestanding tub.

Floor-to-ceiling windows continue to sea level, which includes an open-plan living room, dining area and kitchen. The window wall opens onto a terrace to expand the living space outside.

The upper level includes another terrace, mini bar, kitchenette and glass bottom hot tub. The panoramas embrace the skyline of Dubai and the Persian Gulf.

A curved wood and glass staircase connects the floors.

The first Seahorse floating villas were put in place last year, according to Phase 1 contains 78 houses. The project will eventually include 131 villas of this type.

The asking price for a 4,000 square foot, one bedroom, two bathroom villa is US $ 2,990,506. Abdullah Khalil of Driven Properties is the listing agent.

The development of the heart of Europe, planned for 5 billion dollars, is only two miles, or about 3.2 kilometers, off the coast. The second home and vacation destination will include resort hotels, restaurants, shops, vacation homes and luxury homes. Dubai International Airport serves the region.

Driven Properties is a founding member of TUSEN Global Properties, a consumer market and a network of elite broker members selling the world’s most luxurious homes.



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