Doctor accidentally removes bad eye during operation, leaving patient blind


A doctor accidentally removed a patient’s only good eye during an operation, leaving him blind.

The patient at a major hospital in Slovakia was due to have surgery on a damaged eye, but his doctor’s confusion left him and his family devastated.

The hospital offered the victim and his family psychological care to deal with this horrific accident.

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According to Slovak news agency TASR, a spokesman for Bratislava University Hospital said the doctor in question was no longer seeing patients.

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The Slovak Health Surveillance Authority has launched an investigation into how such a shocking mistake could have happened, reports the Mirror.

The doctor is no longer allowed to see patients (stock)

This comes at a turbulent time for the Slovak healthcare sector, with a labor dispute over wages and working conditions.

Slovakia has experienced a large exodus of medical personnel, particularly to the Czech Republic and Austria.

Pressure on medics left in the country has increased dramatically due to the coronavirus pandemic and last week the LOZ union said around 3,000 medics were considering quitting unless their working conditions improved.

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Operating errors are also common in the UK.

Data from 2019 showed that 621 “never events” – mistakes so bad they should never happen – occurred over a 14-month period.

That’s the equivalent of nine patients each week, according to data obtained by the PA news agency.

Similar surgical horror stories have happened in the UK (stock)
Similar surgical horror stories have happened in the UK (stock)

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Figures showed medics operated on the wrong body parts and left surgical tools (including surgical gloves, chest tubes and drill bits) inside patients on multiple occasions.

One patient had the wrong toe amputated, while another had the wrong part of his colon removed.

Two men were circumcised by mistake, while a woman had a lump removed from the wrong breast and two others had a biopsy of the cervix rather than the colon.

Six other women had their ovaries removed by mistake during hysterectomies, plunging them into menopause.




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