Dr DisRespect warns of ridiculous “war zone” changes


I don’t always agree with Guy Beahm — aka Dr. DisRespect — but when it comes to his latest reviews of the Call of Duty battle royale, War zone, he is right about the money.

Raven Software, the developer behind War zone, aims to increase the kill time (TTK) of the game, the time it takes for players to eliminate each other in the game. A higher TTK usually means you need to inject more bullets into a game. opponent to bite the dust. Lower TTKs speed up the game, but make death much easier and harder to get out of a scrape.

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There is always a balance to be found. If the TTK is too high, the fight can feel like a chore. If the TTK is too low, you will find yourself dying with no chance to respond. In a fast game like Call of Duty, you don’t want too high TTK as it slows down the game too much.

Right now in War zone I think the kill time is about right. It varies depending on how much armor a player is wearing, of course, but apart from well-placed headshots with powerful sniper rifles, it usually takes a full clip to take someone down.

Often times, players will have time to slide in and take cover before they die, but you’ll get the satisfying sound of broken armor, meaning they have to tackle before pushing. TTK is significantly higher, largely thanks to the armor, than in traditional Call Of Duty multiplayer.

But Raven Software wants to increase TTK slightly and plans to do so by reducing aiming speed (ADS).

This is the time it takes to bring your weapon from a hip firing position to the sights for more accurate fire. There are all kinds of ways to tinker with the Call Of Duty arsenal, often increasing ADS by sacrificing other stats or vice versa.

For close quarters combat with SMGs and shotguns, a quick ADS time can mean the difference between life and death. For longer range fights (aside from crazy snipers who have fast range like they were born for it) ADS is less important than recoil control and range, but that’s all in the art. style of play.

The important thing here is that fast ADS, like lower TTK, makes the game faster and smoother. This speed is one of the main reasons why I prefer Black Ops Cold War at War zone in terms of shooter, and with an even more reduction in ADS and an increase in TTK, my preference gap will only widen.

Many COD professionals have spoken out against these changes, noting that reducing ADS will only benefit campers:

Now, Dr. DisRespect has opened up about Raven’s plans, warning that these changes will seriously damage Call Of Duty’s ‘iconic’ shooter in-game (via Dexerto).

“It goes against the most basic design principles,” he said.

“Believe it or not, they actually want to increase the game’s ADS time!” To increase the time to kill? No damage, because only two or three bullets go through the 7hz servers we are playing on. No, they increase ADS times. There’s no way I’m going to do something like this in a game I’ve made.

DisRespect noted that it won’t be making any similar changes to slow the game down in its own upcoming shooter, Midnight Society.

“Let me tell you, we won’t be doing this in Midnight Society,” he said. “I want this game to be fun.”

The biggest problem with reducing ADS and increasing TTK, DisRespect points out, is that it makes the game less athletic and less fun by taking away the player’s ability to react quickly in any given situation. Of course, players can use weapons with low ADS, but it is the player’s choice. ADS reduction on all guns impact all players.

“Want to make the game less fun?” Less athletic? Want to give the player less immediate control? as an answer? This is not the way to go at all. This is a huge mistake. You want to make the game, especially Call of Duty, and especially here in Warzone, as athletic as possible.

“Everyone wants a balanced TTK, but that’s not the way to do it Raven,” said DisRespect. “Everyone says it and I agree. This is not what we do here!

The popular streamer compared War zone current state of the fall of the game Battle Royale H1Z1, one of the first of its kind, and now almost dead and gone. I’m not sure things are that dark yet. Yes, there are a lot of issues with War zone for now, and it will certainly make matters worse, but the new map is still a good change and – until Raven oddly removes almost all Vanguard playlists – has given players some nice new content to play with. . I particularly enjoyed Vanguard Resurgence which is no longer included in the game’s playlists.

What do you think of this ADS business? What is your experience with War zone recently? I’m on PC, so I know I don’t have all the issues with console gamers, but it seems a bit difficult. Anyway let me know about Twitter or Facebook.

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