Dwayne Johnson Confirms He Will Not Be In Future “Fast and Furious” Movies Amid feud with Vin Diesel


Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson has confirmed he will not appear in any future “Fast and Furious” movies while responding to comments from his former co-star Vin Diesel. According to Fox News, Diesel had previously claimed he had to give some of his “Fast and Furious” co-stars a “tough love,” which Johnson “mocked.”

In an interview published Wednesday by The Hollywood Reporter, Johnson said, “I laughed and laughed a lot. I think everyone laughed at that. And I’m going to stop there. wished good luck. I wish them good luck on ‘Fast 9’. And I wish them good luck on ‘Fast 10’ and ‘Fast 11’ and the rest of the ‘Fast and Furious’ movies that they make that will be without me .

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During a media interview in June, Diesel finally addressed the tension between him and Johnson, which allegedly started after the two stopped filming “The Fate of the Furious” in 2016.

Diesel told the point of sale, “He was a difficult character to play as Hobbs character. My approach at the time was a lot of hard love to help get that performance where it needed to be. producer to say, alright, w “gonna take Dwayne Johnson, who’s associated with wrestling, and we’re gonna force this cinematic world, viewers, to see his character as someone they don’t know – Hobbs you hits like a ton of bricks. “

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Speaking further on the subject, he added, “It’s something I’m proud of, this aesthetic. It took a lot of work. We had to make it happen and sometimes at that point I could give a lot of hard love. Not feliniesque, but I would do whatever I had to do to get performance in anything I produce.

Diesel and Johnson’s feud allegedly started after Johnson shared a post in which he called his male co-stars in the “Fast and Furious” franchise “bonbons”. Although Johnson never specifically named Diesel, it was rumored that Johnson thought the actor was difficult to work with.

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