Emirates Health Services provides innovative medicines for the treatment of diabetes and multiple sclerosis


The Emirates Foundation for Health Services reported that it provided innovative new medicines to treat several diseases, most notably diabetes, migraine and multiple sclerosis, in addition to drugs for the treatment of mental illnesses.

The Foundation explained to “Emirates Today” that it has finally added new medicines, as about 500 new medicines have been added in the health information systems (vein), to be dispensed for nearly 100 medical cases, stressing that it is working on permanent updating on purchases of medicines, to keep pace with novelty of treatments.

The Foundation indicated that it is working to keep abreast of global developments related to medicines, and to provide the latest treatments to patients directly, after ensuring their safety and effectiveness and obtaining the approval and approval of the competent accreditation bodies, as it was keen to attract and provide modern and innovative medicines in the treatment of type 2 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. , to facilitate and alleviate this category of patients.

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And she continued: “The Foundation has also worked to provide the latest innovative medicines used in the prevention and treatment of migraines to improve the quality of life of patients, reduce headache recurrence rates, and alleviate their severity.” She added: “Within the framework of the Foundation’s efforts to support the national policy to promote mental health in the UAE, the Foundation has worked to provide everything that is innovative, safe and effective in the treatment of mental illnesses, as it finally provided the latest drugs in the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, in addition to providing Pharmaceutical varieties with the latest innovative drug forms to facilitate the administration of medicines and ensure patients’ adherence to treatment.”

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With regard to the institution’s drug stock, it confirmed that it is implementing a strategy in the drug stock in accordance with the national agenda, in coordination with the competent authorities, whereby its specialized teams follow up on the provision of the required drug stock to all its health facilities on an ongoing basis.

She indicated that it also worked on automating the process of dispensing medicines in internal departments, operating rooms, intensive care rooms, and emergency rooms, in three hospitals affiliated with the Corporation using the latest modern technologies, as the Corporation provided automated dispensing devices that function as decentralized pharmacies, which store and dispense medicines in a way Automated, electronically linked to current health systems, and barcodes are used as a closed-loop drug management tool to ensure drug safety.

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