Eric Holder Thinks Trump Will Be Indicted First In Georgia And Then By DOJ In 2023


Eric Holder is as well positioned as anyone to judge how Trump can or cannot be prosecuted. His invaluable experience at the top would inform him about DOJ policy and how DOJ evaluates cases (famously slow, icy slow, they won’t arrest unless the defendant has pleaded almost guilty on camera). But Holder certainly has something else for him as well. He has mentored many young lawyers over the years, lawyers who are now in key positions of ‘knowing things’, the type who can come to him for advice. In other words, when Holder speaks, listen. Because he may be passing on things he has “heard” from within.

He recently spoke to SiriusXM’s “Urban View”, where he said (via HuffPo)

“My eyes are on Fulton County first. Look at the Justice Department in 2023.”

“My guess is that at the end of this trial you will see charges involving high-ranking people in the White House, you will see charges against people outside the White House advising them regarding the attempt to steal the election.

“And I think eventually you’ll probably see the president, the former president of the United States, indicted as well.”

The Justice Department has a well-intentioned and generally necessary rule about not prosecuting or issuing subpoenas and warrants against politicians within 60 days of an election, and they could even apply that rule to Trump even if he is not active in 2022. So it makes sense for Holder to say that DOJ will wait until after the midterms. But that also explains why rumors are circulating that Trump could announce a run ahead of the midterms, in hopes that a candidacy will somehow protect him.

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Georgia offers Trump none of those protections and can sue him just like any other presidential candidate who called the Secretary of State and said, “Guys, guys, I’m asking for 11,700 votes, jeez, give me a break and give me a hand, give me the damn state so I can move on.”

Holder’s plan sounds solid with one exception, and we may be the only website that keeps pointing it out. There could be a very pure, almost non-political crime at the hands of a Florida Grand Jury evaluating Trump’s possession of top secret files in Mar-a-Lago. If the goal is to hold Trump accountable for anything, anything, make him pay a price, a nice, clean, crime, almost proving itself, could be very tempting to DOJ, because it would make everyone (Meadows, Bannon, etc.)) before January 6, while using the top-secret dossier case as the “means to the end” to hold Trump accountable.

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On the other hand, Holder knows what he’s talking about. When he speaks, we must listen.


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