Everything new in Season 8 of “Fortnite”: cubes, colored bottles, sides and more


by fortnite the new season is upon us and there are many changes, most of which make Chapter 2, Season 8 one of the most exciting seasons in recent memory.

Season 7 ended with a bang, as shadowy Dr Slone of the Imagined Order sent players on a suicide mission to bring down the Alien Mothership. What we didn’t realize was that Kevin the Cube was on board, and that was the real target that Slone wanted to destroy.

The mission went awry and the players, along with Kevin and a number of other Cubes, all crashed into the island below. The mothership now rests in smoldering ruins, huge pieces dot the Fortnite menu.

Here is everything new to Fortnite Season 8, which is titled Cubed.

A new Battle Pass

With a new season, there’s always a new Battle Pass, but Season 8 is particularly good. Partly that’s because Epic used the Battle Star system again, letting you unlock rewards out of order. You cannot unlock them in all order, but it’s less linear and gives players more choice.

The Battle Pass is also quite good due to the excellent original skins, including the vintage cartoon character Toona Fish (see more below) and the fabulous Fabio Sparklemane, one of the by fortnite best skins ever. Learn more about these new skins here.

This season also goes to Fortnite the seasons of days gone by with a mysterious skin that appears to be an original character rather than a licensed character.

Rainbow ink and color bottles

Last season we had Alien Artifacts. By finding them, we unlock customization options for the Battle Pass skin, Kymera. This season we have colored bottles and rainbow ink that allow us to personalize Toona Fish.

I have an explainer with the locations of all the different color bottles and how the rainbow ink works here. The short version is, it’s a nifty way to get a lot of cool styles for Toona Fish, which is a nice touch.

The image above is what Toona Fish looks like – which is originally black and white – with the CODENAME ELF skin style.

Card changes

The biggest changes to the map come from the crushed Mothership ruins. At each of these ruins there are new purple air trails, similar to what we had for a while in Chapter 1. You can fly over these, although they won’t get you very far. Each is confined to its location, so they won’t be a fast way to travel like the previous air tubes.

There are purple cubes near these crash sites, but there are also other large cubes in different places. Blue is between the mountains and the sea in the south-eastern part of the map. It’s the one that players restarted on the mothership, and it’s at a POI called the Friendly Forest. It seems like a “good” Cube now, whatever that means.

The gold cube is in the western part of the map, but in Epic’s blog post on the new season we get this line: “Cubes are up to something, bet your bananas on that. I’m not sure what the Golden is talking about, but the others seem to almost… follow him. Keep an eye on it for me, will you? “

Slurpy Swamp has been changed to Sludgy Swamp and Corny Complex is now Corny Crops, but most of the locations are the same, minus anything alien. Holly Hedges returned to her original form after becoming Holly’s hatchery occupied by aliens.

Learn more about the Season 8 map changes here.

The side

There is now a giant orange bubble on the map. It changes locations with each match, but you can see it on the map quite easily and it’s huge enough that you notice it sliding off the battle bus.

It’s basically a portal to another dimension called The Sideways (much like Strange things Upside down). Inside you will find monsters. These Sideways demons are basically fortnite mares the monsters have been repainted (but hardly).

Fighting against these monsters (and often other players) can result in some fun rewards, including special side weapons. You can also find special side chests which usually have above average loot.

New firearms

The best thing about Season 7 was the alien arsenal we got to play with. I haven’t used the Sideways pistols enough to tell if they are this good, but so far I have to lean “no”. The Sideways Rifle and Sideways Minigun probably aren’t the only new weapons we’ll have this season, but so far I don’t like them as much as their alien counterparts from last season, although I like them a lot more than I do. the Primal. season 6 weapons.

Anyone can participate in new weapons

Led by JB Chimpanski, there is now a way to donate Gold Bars as a community to unlock new weapons and items in the game. The first of these is the Turret Cannon which we don’t have seen for a very long time. Once players donate enough bars, the item will be added back to the game. Maybe we can also add Disco Domination and Food Fight as well!

The Challenge system is now a punch card system

Epic is questioning all systems, tweaking and iterating them and generally making them more confusing and overall worse all the time. Nothing new in Season 8: We now have punch cards linked to NPCs across the island. Go talk to the NPC to unlock a series of challenges that give you XP and gold bars.

So far the challenges are all pretty basic and boring. I’m not sure if we’ll have any additional Weekly or Legendary challenges on top of that, but it looks like simple punch cards right now. Maybe they will continue to add new punch cards as the season progresses.

The new Victory Royale umbrella: the latest reality

This one has a clever slogan: “We will always have Cubetown.”

This is of course a quote from Casablanca, although in the film it is “Paris” not “Cubetown”. If you haven’t seen Casablanca yet, you really should. It’s old and black and white and not as exciting as getting a victory royale, but it’s a classic and you should do yourself a favor and watch a lot of classic movies.

And that, dear readers, is brand new in Season 8.

Obviously, there are other small changes. The menus are a bit different. There are so many game modes to choose from that it’s honestly a little overwhelming. Most of them are player-made, but we have the regular Battle Royale, the Tired Team Rumble, and the Among us Epic knock-off mode. Hope more to come.

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