F1: Ferrari’s Leclerc to receive grid penalty, get improved engine in Sochi


For Ferrari, this update is a preamble to a completely redesigned new engine that it will roll out at the start of the 2022 season.

Leclerc was doomed to engine penalties after his accident in Hungary

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Leclerc was doomed to engine penalties after his accident in Hungary

Charles Leclerc and his Ferrari are preparing to suffer an engine penalty at the next Russian GP this weekend. Leclerc’s engine was destroyed after his crash at the Hungarian GP and grid space penalties for a new engine were therefore inevitable. What’s interesting is that Ferrari is taking the opportunity to roll out its new engine update that was previously slated for the Italian GP. Ferrari had homologated many parts of the engine that had not been deployed at the start of the year and insiders believe this update could give a 10-15bhp boost, which could significantly improve its performance on from tracks to fast corners and long straights, something that has been a huge weakness for the team since the start of the 2020 season after the publication of technical guidelines that reduced its terrain engine class from 2019.

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Leclerc is currently leading his teammate Carlos Sainz Jr in points

“A lot of effort has been put into it, both technically and logistically, and in order to be able to use it as quickly as possible, its introduction will be staggered between the drivers,” said Ferrari.

“Charles will be the first to have the new hybrid system. This decision is a precautionary measure relating to the potential risk of using the damaged battery pack during his Hungarian GP accident. In Sochi, Leclerc will have a brand new powertrain and start from the back of the grid, ”the team added.

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It comes after Leclerc’s teammate revealed his engine update might not happen even at the Turkish GP, which was widely expected. Ferrari has struggled on tracks with long straights and drivers have been particularly vulnerable when there is a restart after a safety car period and when being chased by a car that is in its trailer and has D ₹

On the other hand, the SF21 has proven to be one of the fastest cars on low speed circuits and even managed to secure two pole positions in Monaco and Baku. In Monaco, Leclerc was unable to convert his pole position due to a mechanical problem in the previous lap before the race and therefore had to retire while in Baku he was quickly overtaken by Mercedes and Red Bull cars. in the long straight to Baku.


Ferrari has made huge improvements to the engine’s hybrid system

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In Italy, McLaren netted a brace, which allowed them to extend their lead over Ferrari for the P3 in the constructors’ championship. This engine update will help Ferrari close the performance gap compared to McLaren which uses the more powerful Mercedes engine. At the start of the season, Ferrari’s deficit was estimated at around 20bhp compared to Mercedes and could be cut in half with this new update.


For Ferrari, this update is the preamble to a completely redesigned new engine that it will roll out at the start of the 2022 season with the aim of regaining the ascendancy over Mercedes, Honda and Renault before the engine development freeze that is coming. triggers initially. of the year until 2025.

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