Family, friends go to Dilworth Park to enjoy Thanksgiving evening


PHILADELPHIA (TUSEN) — Thanksgiving 2022 is basically wrapping up. After dinner was ready, many decided to head to Center City to enjoy a beautiful, mild November evening.

For many, their Thursday turkey dinner was just the appetizer for their Thanksgiving Day.

“We just wanted to have fun outside for Thanksgiving,” Ethan Marty said.

After the turkey is carved, many venture out to enjoy the mild Thanksgiving Day weather and burn off some of those calories by strapping on their skates at Dilworth Park.

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“I’m with my friends and their kids just went skating for a bit, just finished eating,” said Derek Bull.

Rose Jackson hosted her friends’ dinner and says she’s looking forward to getting up and toasting the season.

“We got him the hot chocolate and we got the candy ginger bourbon, so we got some adult beverages,” Jackson said.

“We come every year, it’s a huge tradition,” said Nick Rhyde.

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Rhyde’s family comes to town every year for his daughter’s dance competition, saying it’s their way of welcoming the holidays.

“A lot of people start decorating and Christmas radio,” said one young girl.

And while 11-year-old Marty may be a novice on the ice, he’s an old pro at taking in all the sights and feelings of the season.

“It’s starting to feel like a holiday because it’s cold and all the decorations and the light, it put me in a happy spirit,” said Marty.

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And whether you’ve opted for the ice cream or an ice-cold drink, all you have to do is say, “Happy Thanksgiving!”

In case you were counting, Christmas is 31 days from Thursday.



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