Father of alleged Highland Park shooter to appear in court on charges he acted recklessly by vouching for son’s FOID card


The father of the alleged Highland Park shooter, Robert Crimo III, is due to appear in Lake County Court Thursday on charges of reckless conduct.

Robert Crimo Jr. was charged with seven felonies in December for vouching for his son in 2019 on state forms that released Crimo III to obtain his firearms owner identification card. Crimo III was 19 at the time and, as a minor applicant, required a parent’s signature to get a FOID card. Crimo III is accused of shooting seven people and several other crimes.

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Crimo Jr., 58, a resident of Highwood, has been released on bail since his indictment. His case was briefly in court on January 12, when it was scheduled for Thursday.

Court records indicate he has yet to be charged.

While Crimo could legally vouch for his son on state firearms forms, Lake County prosecutors contend the father’s actions were reckless.

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When the father was charged in December, prosecutor Eric Rinehart hinted at a difficult background for Crimo III, saying the father should have known that before sponsoring him for a FOID card, which allows the holder to purchase firearms.

Crimo III allegedly attempted suicide in April 2019 and threatened his family that year, although no charges were filed against that incident, authorities said. The Illinois State Police, which issues FOID cards, has said there is no data on file that would have raised any red flags on Crimo III.

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Prosecutors charged Crimo Jr. of one count of reckless endangerment for each of the seven people his son allegedly killed on July 4 when he opened fire at the Highland Park Independence Day parade.

Crimo III is still being held in lieu of bail on 117 counts of the shooting, which left dozens of spectators injured. According to court records, he has scheduled a date for the administration of the case next week.


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