Free PlayStation Plus Games February 2023: Predictions, Rumors, Leaks, Release Date & More


It’s the last Wednesday of the month, which normally means something to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Typically, on the last Wednesday of the month, Sony reveals the next month’s PS Plus lineup, or rather the PS Plus Essential lineup.

Now that PlayStation Plus has three tiers: Essential, Extra, and Premium, we need to specify. PS Plus Extra and Premium games come to the service mid-month, while the three always-released free games for PS Plus arrive on the first Tuesday of the month. (PS Extra/Premium will probably be out on the 21st, two weeks later).

That’s why we don’t get the announcement today. The first Tuesday of February is not until February 7. This means we’ll get the big reveal next week on Wednesday, February 1, instead of today. And that’s okay! It just means we have some extra time to speculate on what we’ll get next month, and keep our eyes peeled for leaks and rumours.

As for leaks and rumors, however, mom is the word. Nothing has leaked (yet) and while we’ve had plenty of leaks over the past two years, these have recently dropped just hours before the official announcement. I’ll keep an eye on it and update this post if that changes.

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The same is now true of rumours. Nothing yet – and nothing really to give us an idea of ​​what might be in the pipeline. There aren’t even any game releases on February 7, which means we probably won’t see anything new as part of the free release lineup.

A wrinkle in all of this is the release of the PSVR 2 headset on February 22, along with a number of launch titles. It’s entirely possible that Sony will release some free VR titles for PS Plus subscribers in February (maybe at the Essential level, but maybe also at the Extra level). A game like Gran Turismo 7 would be a great PS Plus title for February as it’s both normal and VR title and will receive a free update for the PSVR 2.

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Furthermore, we can make some predictions and games for the wish list. My list is:

  • The Order 1886
  • Sackboy: a great adventure
  • Phenyx: Immortals Rising
  • Cult of the Lamb
  • sifu
  • Nier: Automata
  • Insurgent sandstorm

December was one of my predictions Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order that was finally right! Usually – and I’m not proud of this – my predictions are more “wishlist” than predictive. It’s all a guessing game if you don’t have strong evidence or clues. In any case, we’ll see what Sony releases next month in a week. Stay tuned! I will update this post with new information in the intervening days!

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