From Earth To Skin – Fresh’s sustainable skin care journey, from Piedmont to (faces of the) world


There is a natural alchemy that occurs deep in the forests around Alba, known as the gastronomic capital of Piedmont in Italy. It is here that the white truffle grows hidden in the ground among the rootstocks of the trees it loves, far from passers-by and reserved for those who know and truly understand the landscape.

All man-made attempts to cultivate this unique crop have failed as it defies all efforts and agricultural ingenuity to cultivate it outside of its preferred environment. This makes it both rare and expensive and increases enthusiasm for this special gift from nature. It only thrives in a few unexplored forests in Piedmont where it gets its exquisite flavor from the fertilizer-free soil and its specific growing conditions. It all depends on the biodiversity of the area with just the right amount of rainfall, a balance of light and shade and the cocooning protection of fallen leaves.

And when the fall months of October and November arrive and the days grow shorter, it is time for man and dog to work in harmony to extract these treasures from the ground. It’s time to sniff the nose as the specialist dogs put their noses to the ground to indicate where to take a closer look. It is an ancient and gentle process too, without machinery or noise and a respect for the forest and what is hidden under its carpet. The secret of the research process adds to its mystique with no guarantee of success and a great need for patience.

Emerging from the ground when the dogs have done their work, the naturalistic forms of the white truffle. Used to scent and enhance the work of many of the world’s greatest chefs, they add complexity, subtlety and uniqueness to what we taste and it’s a feeling that, when experienced, doesn’t is never forgotten.

Something so rare and precious has a value that extends far beyond the restaurant’s cuisine. Make the journey from the earth to the skin, Costs has enriched its range of natural products with its Old Cream Night Mask with White Truffle.

Here is a product created to nourish, strengthen and give the skin greater elasticity. For this to happen, Costs has blended a series of key ingredients, all responsibly brought together in well-known locations through a series of enduring partnerships with trusted suppliers.

The extract from Alba fodder white truffles requires an enzymatic extraction process which detects the molecular imprint and thus recovers all the bioactives of the truffle. There is also meadowfoam seed oil native to the Pacific coast of Oregon as well as extracts of commiphora and wild butterfly ginger root. These natural ingredients combine to give the skin extra radiance and firmness, fading the appearance of expression lines and supporting the skin’s density, smoothness and smoothness. Used only two to three nights per week in place of moisturizer and clinically proven benefits will appear soon.

It often happens that the pillow is the only real beneficiary of night masks. However, thanks to its rapid absorption below the skin’s surface, Crème Ancienne White Truffle Night Mask works effectively overnight, providing long-lasting benefits.

Biodiversity being the basis of the life cycle of the white truffle, the use of its extract fits naturally into the whole philosophy of Costs. Its founders, Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, are deeply committed to sustainability and believe that you should never take more than you put in. Costs has forged a partnership with Save the Truffle, based in Alba, which works to protect the ecosystem on which the white truffle depends.

The Save the Truffle association is witness to the work of Giuseppe Giamesio, truffle hunter for many years. Before his death, he inspired Carlo Marenda and his beautiful niece Marta Giameso to continue his work of protecting the environment in and around the forests that harbor truffles and left him his hunting dogs. Carlo has teamed up with environmentalist Edmondo Bonelli to share ideas on how to protect and improve truffle-growing areas which have declined by 30% in recent years. There is much that can be done to reverse this trend and restore the balance necessary for the survival and development of the white truffle. Their life cycle depends on their ability to colonize the roots of certain trees and shrubs in a relationship called mycorrhizal symbiosis. It’s a series of mini miracles that allow white truffles to form underground and Save the Truffle is committed to making sure these can always happen.

Within the LVMH family, Costs was the first of the brands in the portfolio to join the Union for Ethical Bio Trade where the priority is to source ingredients while respecting people, cultures and natural diversity. It takes work to be sustainable, but Costs leads the way by showing how change can happen. Thinking about packaging and reducing waste is part of the objective set by Costs achieve a series of measurable goals before the company’s 40th anniversarye anniversary in 2031.

It’s a whole journey that takes the discoveries made using an ancestral hunting technique on misty mornings in the forests of Alba to the jars of Old Cream Night Mask with White Truffle on the dressing table – and our skin. By taking care of the environment that contributes to the creation of its product, Costs shows perfectly how to make a sustainable approach work in practice.



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