Fuel Error Coverage in India: Damaged car or bike engine after using the wrong fuel? Will car insurance help you?


Error fuel coverage in India: Using the wrong fuel in a vehicle can cause serious damage to its engine. However, auto insurance policies provide no protection against such negligent act.

Poor diet is treated as contributory negligence, which is generally not covered by insurers. Car insurance products currently only cover defined risks, which are usually caused by external factors. As such, there is currently no respite from losses due to negligence in auto insurance.

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“Currently, Indian motor insurance products cover defined risks, which are mainly due to external factors such as floods, earthquakes, accidents, theft, etc.,” said Kunal Jha, vice- President, Automotive Products and Actuarial at Digit Insurance, at FE Online. .

“Note that claims arising from ‘contributory negligence’ are generally not covered by insurers,” he added.

It is considered a case of contributory negligence when an insured is injured or affected, partly due to his own negligence, and the injured party is prevented from recovering any damages (money) from another party that would have caused the ‘accident.

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“Wrong fuel is classified as ‘contributory negligence’ and falls outside the scope of policy wordings of a standard auto insurance product,” Jha said.

What should customers do?

Experts say poor fueling could lead to varying degrees of damage, including disturbed acceleration, visible smoke from the exhaust, or even engine failure in some cases, requiring a complete system flush.

“Once you learn that the wrong type of fuel has been filled into your vehicle, it is important not to press the ignition button. Do not start the engine. It is advisable to have the vehicle towed to the nearest workshop to flush out the bad fuel. Make sure the fuel tank is completely dry and then refuel the vehicle,” Jha said.

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