Genshin Impact Rosaria Build: Best Builds, Artifacts & Guns


After appearing in the story every now and then for a while, everyone’s favorite domineering nun has arrived. Genshin impact. Rosaria arrived with the Childe Banner, and the Polearm user using Cryo would be a great pair with Childe’s powerful Hydro DPS. As a 4-star character, she’s not as strong as fighters like Venti or Hu Tao from recent banners, but she’s a capable warrior nonetheless. Let’s see how to install it.


  • Noblesse obliges: Basically you want to decide if you’re going to use Rosaria as your main DPS or as a support / sub-DPS. If you don’t have a 5-star primary DPS that you’re in love with, that wouldn’t be a terrible choice, but I imagine most people have their primary at this point and will use it as a support. . And when it comes to support, Noblesse is a great choice. 2 pieces give you a 20% increase in burst elemental damage, and all four give your entire party an additional 20% attack for 12 seconds.
  • Gladiators Final / Bloodstained Chivalry: If you’re building here as a primary DPS, go for Gladiator’s Finale, Bloodstained Chivalry, or 2 each for a bit of a mix. The point is, we’re just beefing up his attack and physical damage, which turns into a pretty capable centerpiece for a team.

Either way, look for direct attack bonuses, critical damage, cryo damage, and maybe a little energy recharge if you find you want her burst to spawn more often. Grab physical damage, but only if you’re building a DPS.


  • Skyward Spine: This 5 star weapon is probably as good as you go, although Staff of Houma can be quite interesting if you have a strong healing game. Either way, you can’t go wrong here. Critical hits are important to Rosaira, and Skyward Spine’s crit rate increase should be a real godsend.
  • Dragon Thorn Spear: We were waiting for a frozen weapon user to make full use of this thing, and now it’s here. If you’re using DPS and don’t have a Skyward spine, this is a great choice.
  • Pike croissant: Another DPS-oriented choice, granting bonus physical damage after picking up an elemental orb.
  • Lance Favonius: Favonius weapons are never a bad idea for a support character. They give you an orb generation on critical hits, letting you use your abilities more often.



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