‘Genshin Impact’ still refuses to increase anniversary rewards, despite fan outcry


I’m not sure I’ve ever heard the Genshin Impact community be louder than I’ve seen them in the past two weeks, protesting that miHoYo isn’t giving out any meaningful first anniversary rewards. of the game, despite the fact that the game grossed over $ 1 billion in gacha sweaters during that time.

The problem is, a lot of the rewards get eliminated in things like fan art or cosplay contests, and the in-game rewards are mostly web micro-events, one of which is actually a gacha system itself. 90% of players will get 100,000 relatively unnecessary Mora, while 10% will get a daily drop from Primogem for a month (worth around $ 5). No one is having fun.

Gacha games usually go all-out for birthday events, considering the revenue they generate and the fact that free items encourage players to stick around. But Genshin doesn’t do that, and even after weeks of fan reluctance and social media ratio, nothing has changed, nothing new has been announced and the events already announced continue to unfold. There are three days until the literal anniversary, September 28, and fans are hoping for a big surprise by then, but nothing has been said at all about the end of miHoYo.

The main thing fans are hoping to see is a free 5 star. A common idea is that fans could get one of the “base” five stars that appear in the generic banner, because after a year giving all players a single copy of one of them appears to be at the end of the line. less * something * important, and could benefit both new and veteran players (with constellation additions). Only two 5 stars in the story went to Genshin, the base hero you start with, The Traveler, and Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn which was a Sony cross-promotion, although neither of them are as well. good than the vast majority of “paid” 5 stars.

The thing is, Genshin Impact is so stingy with their drops that you might even give each player 10,000 primogems for draws, and that’s always not necessarily a guarantee that they would get a 5 star from a banner (you’re only guaranteed one in every 90 prints, and there’s only a 50% chance that it’s the one you actually want). I think the point is this game has made so much money and the odds are so low that you will get what you really want with a won or paid gambling chance that it doesn’t hurt to give something like a copy of a 5 stars for an event like this. The goodwill of the players that would flow from it would be immeasurably more valuable than any purchase you might think you would discourage. The press on this anniversary was the worst I’ve ever had already seen from the game, and it’s hard to believe there hasn’t been an answer yet. Maybe that will change before or on the 28th, but I don’t think the fans are holding their breath at this point.

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