George Conway appears in Scarborough to point out particularly damaging evidence


Some of us on this site now believe that the fake electoral certificates submitted to Congress, let’s repeat – submitted to Congress, now represent Trump’s most significant criminal exposure if he knew about the plot (and try to imagine a scenario where he didn’t know?). But the crime that calls for punishment and retribution is the attack on the Capitol, one that invites more violence in the future of this country unless it is prosecuted and nipped in the bud.

To that end, George Conway made an appearance on Joe Scarborough this morning. Regardless of his feelings for George Conway or his personal and private life, one thing can be said without hesitation. He is one of the most powerful lawyers in Washington DC and he got this job for a reason. So when he speaks it’s worth listening to – again, even if you hate the man – for two reasons. One, of course, very few can solve legal problems like Conway. And second, a much more subtle reason, people in his position “hear things” from others, maybe lawyers they mentored, maybe friends, maybe pols they lobbied .

We’re never going to “hear” the things he “hears” behind the scenes. But what is heard behind the scenes indicates how far someone like Conway might be willing to go in what he says on camera.

This morning on Morning Joe Conway had a lot to say about the stories we hear about those 187 minutes:

“The criminal law aspect goes back to the question of Trump’s intent. He was sitting there in his private dining room or whatever by the Oval Office watching TV, watching it for hours on end as people begged him, including his daughter, including his chief of staff, and probably people who were there. were calling him on the phone to say something, to do something, to stop it.

We hear that he looked at it with joy. He wanted this to happen. He wanted something to happen that would stop, delay, hinder – to use the words of the statute – the execution of the laws of the United States that would transfer power from him to Joe Biden. This is one of the most telling pieces of evidence we have.

Some of us are officially saying that it’s even more important to find something, anything – no matter how tall you are, indicating that Trump knew there was some kind of plan to interrupt Congress, of a one way or another – although he didn’t know exactly how. But some of us are not George Conway:

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Joe Scarborough stepped in to note how powerful that would be in a closing argument:

You can almost hear it in a final argument against the President, not that there would ever be a final argument against the President because he seems to get away with everything.

But you could almost hear a final argument from the president being part of this sedition sitting there happily watching and wanting the riot to continue, then the prosecution tells the jury [that] then they finally dragged him outside hours later to give a recorded message to stop the rioters and stop the seditionists, and the first take, he wouldn’t say so. They forced him to start over. He gives the rioters the second take, still doesn’t tell them to stop.

“It takes them three times after an afternoon of bloodshed, after an afternoon when the police have been savagely savaged by rioters, by seditionists trying to carry out an insurrection against the United States for the President from the United States finally compliments them, but then tells them go home. ,

Joe is right, “he seems to get away with everything,” but we can note that there is momentum building up over the past two to three weeks, which could indicate that the momentum is starting to pick up. change. It should no longer be taken for granted that Trump will not be prosecuted.

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Conway then noted that these first takes will be at the National Archives and will be incredibly damning:

“It takes three takes, but only that, they didn’t trust him to do it live. They didn’t trust him to do it live because they were afraid of what he would say, so they threw two takes and he got it halfway on the third take.

Wait until you see these two takes, as these are undoubtedly preserved documents that were likely produced to the committee by the National Archives. It’s gonna be something. When these videos come out, I bet it’s going to be something.

It’s gonna be something. But at the same time – and Conway knows this – they’re going to have to demonstrate that everyone in this building knew Trump didn’t win the election. (And everyone in that building knew they didn’t). Maybe Trump convinced himself that he won because he didn’t lose, that would make him a loser. Everyone knew. To put the insurgency in its real context, you have to melt the MAGA mind about the truth – hear it from other MAGAs, those who have called it theft. Only then will the MAGAs learn that they attacked the Capitol for a lie.

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We suspect that the Committee also has this evidence pending.


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