Google’s Sundar Pichai warns staff to improve focus and productivity


Sundar Pichai warned staff at the meeting that Google’s productivity isn’t where it needs to be.

It seems that Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, is not satisfied with the work output of many employees.

A few days ago, management called a meeting and urged staff to move fast and focus more on ways to support customers and improve their offerings.

According to Mr. Pichai, productivity at Google is below average and below where it should be given the size of the organization. Essentially, this means that Mr. Pichai believes that Google has too many employees who are not working effectively or focused.

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This information was released shortly after Google stated that Q2 2022 earnings were weaker than expected, which was also the case for Q1.

Google launched a new initiative called “Simplicity Sprint” in an effort to increase employee productivity and focus in the face of a shaky economic environment.

According to a TUSEN report, the Alphabet company held its usual meeting with a somewhat urgent tone last Wednesday as workers worried about layoffs. Even with the number of employees it has, Mr. Pichai warned staff at the meeting that Google’s productivity isn’t where it needs to be.

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Mr Pichai said there were legitimate concerns that the company’s overall productivity was not up to par, given the number of employees working there. He urged employees to “create a culture that is more mission-oriented”.

Recently, Mr Pichai had stated that the company would reduce recruitment and investment until 2023, causing staff to work more urgently and “more hungry” than “on sunnier days”.

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From 62 percent a year earlier, as the company benefited from reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic and rising consumer spending, Google’s revenue growth in the quarter fell to 13 percent.

Speaking at the “Simplicity Sprint” initiative, Mr. Pichai said the organization allowed its employees until August 15 to express their views through an internal poll and ask if management could contact them if they had follow-up questions.



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