Guide to Christmas gifts 2022: the best gifts for walkers


Hikers often know what to do with shopping or preparing their gear before heading out on an adventure. Give them something extra this holiday season to help with their next outing. From the next local outing to a new location, here’s a mix of hiking-related products that can help in a variety of ways.

BioLite Headlamp 325, $49.95

New for Fall 2022, this entry-level headlamp from BioLite is designed to have more brightness with the same runtime in an ultra-lightweight package. The beam distance is 75 meters (82 yards) and the light mode settings range from white spot, white strobe, red flood, and red strobe. It can run for 40 hours on low and five hours on high.

Uncharted Supply Co. Park Package, $119

The Park Pack is a lightweight waist pack that allows hikers to carry their essentials without compromising the pure experience of their adventure. The Park Pack holds two water bottles and has plenty of room for first aid, a jacket, cell phone and essential snacks. The backpack’s narrow design and wide hip straps also provide hikers with lower back support and little ‘flop’. The waterproof construction is made to ensure their gear stays dry so their hike can continue rain or shine.

Rezip Gallon Bag 4 Pack, $24.99

For those who want to avoid single-use plastic but need to carry snacks and other perishables while hiking, these reusable gallon bags can offer a solid compromise. The Rezip Gallon Bag 4-Pack is said to be both BPA-free and lead-free PEVA, as well as being lightweight yet strong enough to handle continuous reuse. The double closure is designed to seal tightly, keeping air out and liquids in.

ICEMULE coolers, $59.95 to $349.95

ICEMULE Coolers has a product line specifically designed for day trips. This interesting collection of cool boxes is designed to be portable and hands-free, ensuring that the drinks and foods you carry with you throughout the day stay cold. They do this by being able to retain ice for more than 24 hours. These models come in different color and pattern combinations.

Adventure Ready Brands Mountain Hiker Medical Kit, $29.99

For nighttime adventures, this Mountain Hiker Medical Kit includes first aid supplies to treat common injuries and illnesses along the way. This compact hiking first aid kit prepares you and your hiking party for what a weekend outing can throw at you.

Freshé Meals, 10-pack of assorted flavors, $39.99

Food taken on hikes is never fancy, but Freshé Meals offers meal options that are portable, tasty, small and ready to eat. They are made from wild-caught tuna or Atlantic salmon and infused with savory herbs and spices. Freshé meals require no heating or refrigeration and are stored in BPA-free cans and are gluten-free and GMO-free. Selections include Sicilian Caponata, Provence Nicoise, Aztec Ensalada, Thai Sriracha, Moroccan Tagine, and Barcelona Escalivada.

Rawlogy Cork Massage Ball, from $14.99

When sudden pains or cramps come on while walking, or have a problem like Plantar Fascilitis, the Rawlogy Cork Massage Ball is a portable, rolling self-care tool that can relieve tired feet and aching muscles. It is made from 100 percent recycled cork and is lightweight. Sizes are suitable for all body parts – from the small muscles in your hands and wrists that ache from holding canes, to the lower back and foot massage needed for walking all day. Rawlogy has also pledged that 5 percent of their annual profits will go to the National Forest Foundation.

Six Moon Designs Pack liners, $20

Six Moon Designs Pack Liners are designed to fit in your backpack and help protect your gear from the outside elements. The inner bag is a 50 liter roller bag weighing only three grams, made of waterproof material and taped seams to keep everything inside dry. It includes a D-ring for hanging and comes in fun color choices.

All Better Co. Don’t scratch that pen, $15

Bug bites while hiking may be unavoidable, but Don’t Scratch That Pen from All Better Co. provides a source of relief and a stocking filler. This easy on-the-go applicator can be applied to bug bites and mysterious itchy spots that pop up suddenly. The pen contains ingredients to soothe and moisturize your skin. Along with 20 milligrams of high-quality hemp-derived CBD, the pen consists of ingredients such as jojoba seed oil, oat kernel and coconut oil.

Forme Arch Booster Socks, $29

If you’re on your feet all day while hiking, Forme’s Arch Booster Socks apply the company’s patented wearable technology to improve body alignment. These socks are designed to realign your flat feet by tightening your small foot muscles for better balance, mobility and recovery.

UCO ECO Switch Spork, $9.99

The UCO ECO Switch Spork is a two-piece fork and knife/spoon combo that snaps together to create an extra-long utensil that’s perfect for digging into freeze-dried meals and deep containers on the go. It’s made from 100 percent recycled plastic and is BPA-free plus dishwasher and microwave safe. It also comes in different colors.

AllTrails Pro App Subscription, $35.99

A subscription to AllTrails Pro, the company’s premium version of an app for digital trail guides, comes with a number of useful new features. New 3D maps give the user a sense of the trail experience before ever setting foot outside. The feature shows the terrain and elevation of the trail to help users know what to expect before hitting the trail. Also, the new Recent Trail Conditions feature is powered by the company’s global user community, providing insight into whether trails were recently muddy, slippery, icy, buggy, or snowy. This information gives users information to plan ahead and make informed decisions about how to prepare, dress and what equipment to bring.

Zip Hers, various clothing and accessories, from $20

Zip Hers is a clothing line designed to help women with something to think about. A women-owned company, this line of sustainably made pants, shorts, leggings and capris is equipped with a zipper that opens from the front waistband to the back waistband, making it easy for women to do number one while wearing their pants. hold up . For example, the Trailblazer 2.0 ($100) is a traditional style hiking pant with the ZipHers zipper.

Kahtoola EXO Spikes, $62.95

Kahtoola’s EXOspikes are suitable for hikers who like to stay active outdoors in winter weather – and avoid the possibility of slips and falls. Their traction is ideal for walking in snowy and icy areas and is also designed for use on sidewalks and off-road. So you can put them on as you navigate ice parking lots at the trailhead.



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